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Food today i took a ****


Avatar: Sneakers

Level 17 Emo Kid

God won't kill me, he likes to see me suffer.

ohhhh man. today i went back to the deli near work (i call it the diarrhea deli) and got like a huge roast beef sandwich with bacon and mayo and other terrible things. like a half hour later, my colon was burbling and i knew it was gonna be chocolate rainin’. but the fatbum service guy was in the bathroom for like, 12 hours, so i couldn’t ****! i thought about doing it in the warehouse behind some boxes, but then i’d have to work next to it for the rest of the day and it would smell. i held it in all day and tried not to cough or sneeze because i know my bumhole would open up like a floodgate. when i carried heavy boxes up the stairs i had to clench my bumcheek muscles together. by 4:00, i was pretty much just standing there holding my bum cheeks against each other with my hands, trying to contain the **** that would undoubtedly spew out of my bum so forcefully that it would rip a hole in my jeans and splatter against the copy machine behind me. FINALLY the fat **** hogging the bathroom left, so i held my breath and went inside and couldn’t even be bothered to take a paper seat cover out of the dispenser. i didn’t even sit down. i just pulled my pants down and let it loose all in one fluid motion. it was ****ing ALL OVER THE TOILET SEAT, in the toilet, on the floor next to it, and a little bit even splattered all the way up on the mirror. jesus god. that was pretty ****ing hard core, even for me. it also smelled like rotten eggs mixed with burnt coffee. i don’t even know how to explain it. but that was a lot of ****. ****.

Dusk raven

Avatar: Crying Statue

Level 4 Emo Kid

“Emotionally Stable”

That’s pretty hardcore. once I was trying to hold down a load but just couldn’t and of course everyone at school laughed at me because there all chavs who hate me i think ima cut myself now =( Log in to see images! Dusk raven edited this message on 03/13/2008 8:52PM

Amp Zaphrix

Avatar: Middle Finger

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

And I’ll bet your feces has more personality than you, Miggle.

Hey, I’m just playin’ the role. Really, I’m a nice guy at heart, just Tubmail me to find out.

On an epic quest to male reproductive organslap all emo kids into oblivion.


Avatar: 16305 Mon Feb 16 22:48:05 -0500 2009


Level 18 Troll

“Li'l Hellraiser”

Reading the first three words put me into such a severe coma that I

Lick my clit, ********


Avatar: Halloween Pumpkin

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Dusk raven Posted:

once I was trying to hold down a load but just couldn’t

Heh heh. I couldn’t hold down the load i shot all over your mom.


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