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Poetry Poetry contest for 3BP


Avatar: 25470 Mon Jun 01 23:26:50 -0400 2009

[Sisterhood of the -
Quivering Rose

Level 35 Camwhore

“Legs Wide Open”

Awesome. Also, are there any hints on how you’re evaluating them? Or is it more of a “this poem really blew me away, have some BP for your awesomeness” ?

(This contest excites me for reasons I don’t understand…Log in to see images!


Avatar: 182090 Mon Jun 15 20:27:28 -0400 2009

Level 13 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

Hey guys. I thought I would participate in this contest saying as this contest is something I can submit something rather easily. Log in to see images!

I wrote these a little while back and hoping they are still valid. I can provide proof that they are mine if needs be.


I reach out to you, but all I see is a blank hand being held out

You reach out to me, and I come running faster than my hand grew to existence

Why is it still like this?

I still can’t sleep and even when it do, it’s difficult

I still have the same dream I have before my eyes close-

I know the script better than a well loved Disney film.

Maybe I just fall too easily,

Fall into a whirlpool of fantasy, instead of the dullness of reality.

Reach for the skies, reach for something new

Reach for something that you don’t expect, to move on.

But it’s difficult.

How can you reach for something new if you are still holding out your hand, waiting.

Whispered words to my bedroom wall know my stories, my dreams, my thoughts.

Walls have ears, but what if they had mouths?

Maybe then you would understand.

My hand is still outstretched, and it will be forever.

The Fall

Your whole life is revealed, below

Not at the height of excitement-

but in the fall.

Love makes you foolish,

Hatred makes you contemplate.

It is the rise and fall that builds us,

but only the decline and fall that strengthens us.

It matters not if you are happy all of your life,

It matters not if you are successful from year dot,

You cannot grow without a trip.

Don’t be scared of the fall, jump

Be free.

The waiting for the fall is what hurts the most, so jump

Accept it.

It can only be beneficial.

Only once you have accepted your fate can you grow stronger,

Only then can you become a stronger person,

A better person.

Only after a fall can you rise to greatness.

That rise will bring the biggest smile.

Nothing can match it.

Falling Snowflake

It is time to write Jon says,

Time to put your fingers to keys.

Time to through everything out… out, into the open.

Why should I do this, I ask myself,

But Jon never replies.

Instead he does nothing but a whisper, making his orders clear.

So I bring my fingers to the keys and they begin to tap.

I do not know what outcome they will bring.

What philosophical questions that will be asked,

What philosophical answers that will be answered.

At present it feels like a blank stare of nothing,

But Jon wants me to continue.

A pause.

Another pause.

Typing starts again on a rolling speed, but not with much output.

It comes again for something to blend into, but nothing.

A pause.

A crash.

A result.

There is only one thing on my mind at present,

And it glows through the blankness.

At first it seems like it is not there, but it is- with the right focus.

As always it starts with a person.

Well in this case more than one, I think.

It’s complicated.

Well this one person is like the first snowflake that falls from a cold sky and the others, well they are simply ice on the ground ready to catch that flake.

The snowflake should be left to fall naturally,

But it is easier said than done.

How can you let something so beautiful fall?

Well, it happens.

It happens everyday.

Why is it so hard to make a difference even though they know that they should?

Jon is silent.

If only I knew what to do, I would do it.

Jon says type faster.

I don’t know what to type.

It would take for ages to scoop out all of this.

There is too much to be said, too much to be done,

And there are too many people that try to help,

But they can’t.

Well, most of them.

Sometimes the easiest way to deal with things is to hide.

Hide away and jump into a different world, a world of comfort.

Only in that world of comfort can no harm come to you.

You can’t fall if you don’t jump.

Stay within the embrace of a hug forever and you will never regret it.

If you like my writing be free to send me a TubMail and I’ll hook you up with some more.

PS: My first post in the Flamebate forums O_o


Avatar: 89481 Thu Feb 26 14:58:28 -0500 2009

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 35 Troll

Just south of sanity

PseudoNymph Posted:

Awesome. Also, are there any hints on how you’re evaluating them? Or is it more of a “this poem really blew me away, have some BP for your awesomeness” ?

(This contest excites me for reasons I don’t understand…Log in to see images!

No hints, if I tell people what I like as a rule it will cut down on variety and individuality.

i’m pretty much just going to read them all and pick something that really stands out and just hits home poetically. I can’t really explain what makes a poem land right, it just kinda does and its pretty subjective.


Avatar: Spider Illustration

Level 12 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Word on “it’s pretty much all subjective”. If there’s anything I’ve learned from reading and writing poetry, it’s that there is never one correct answer to anything. Poetry is the most subjective form of literature. That’s why it’s fun to write.

Pseudonymph: I think this contest excites you because actually a contest of skill, not a “post here/friend me and I’ll randomly pick someone to give 3 BP” contest. =)


Avatar: 77864 Thu Jun 04 08:28:46 -0400 2009

Level 56 Hacker

“Logic Bomber”

“The Unfortunate Warrior”

Time to fly

Time to run

Too late, here he comes

No time to flee

No time to cower

Time to meet the awesome power

I can’t lose, I can’t fail

The beast won’t prevail

Blade hits flesh; it bounces off

I could almost hear it scoff

Force won’t work, I’ll try skill

Then move in for the kill

Let’s try deep down under

Let hell be torn asunder

Its flash of flame will surely miss

Destroy itself in the midst

I tried the trick and turned aghast

The beast had me fast

I was all too calm and cool

Thought the beast was a fool

It was instead

Two moves ahead

Tried from behind

But was maligned.

The beast was sound

And turned around

My ruse

Was no use

Felt his mighty breath

And heard the sound of death

Dreadful silence, wicked black

Resounding cling from his attack

Shield worthless in strength

Oblivion at arm’s length

Defense melting to zero

It seems I am no hero

Why oh why

I have to die


Don’t let this be you

He had no clue

Let this be a warning

Or you’ll be dead in the morning


Avatar: 77864 Thu Jun 04 08:28:46 -0400 2009

Level 56 Hacker

“Logic Bomber”


Meet its crystal gaze

Your soul will burst ablaze

Eye to Eye its deathly glare

Try to kill it if you dare

The beast will cast its stare

Leaving you in disrepair

It beckons with explosive heat

This is one tough foe to beat

Scathing flames and scorching trees

Every last opponent flees

As you can see, it’s clearly vile

Punishment without a trial

Brace yourself, the mbumive flare

Smashing you into despair

Delving deep into your mind

Wisdom will be blind

Once exposed, its breath of shadow

Every speck it will devour

No second chance, no extra life

Don’t go down without a fight

Don’t be fooled, or in denial

Your efforts are futile

You will suffer in defeat

As history WILL repeat

Hard or fast; it doesn’t matter

You’ll still crash into the waters

Once again the hero loses

With much more than mere bruises…

Look into my eyes of dark

And let me say this last remark

To avoid this ghastly fate

Steer clear- the bird of hate!

The Blade Is-
My Vicodin

Avatar: Emo Girl 2

Level 4 Emo Kid

“Emotionally Stable”

“The End”

It’s that time…

When you feel the darkness approaching,

All-consuming, smothering void

Catapulting your mind, your self,

Into an enthralling of oblivion of obscurity


Everything I saw approaching

Has fallen into nothing, a vortex

Of meaningless chaos, of pain and pleasure

Mixed like a cruel joke

Myself, the world everything

A mirage labyrinth

My own soul, nothing but

A twisted stairway of memories

With nothing at the end.


The steps to hell

Breed in my own heart, the sorrow

I cannot stand, the pain

I cannot bear, the clock

that makes this senseless world

Keep turning. The time, the sounds

Flooding waters, the experience

are but pebbles in the ocean


The last few seconds warp together

At last, the one thing that makes sense


The Blade Is-
My Vicodin

Avatar: Emo Girl 2

Level 4 Emo Kid

“Emotionally Stable”


Memories… they are always with you

memories… they never leave

memories… they are ever-coming…ever happening… ever occuring

memories… treasure them now, tomorrow, and every day after

memories… barely biased… they stay even if everything else leaves… never follow the crowd

memories… you keep them up until your final hours

memories… they define who you are

memories… they are only yours… and no one else may fully understand them

memories… recorded every day and played back in your dreams so you never forget

memories… do you really want to have bad ones? or just the good ones?

...the choice is up to you…but remember this… not only do you have to pay for he bad ones while in the concious state, but also in the sub-concious state as well… It will tear you apart until there’s absolutely nothing left… but the bad… then where do you go?

memories… ever faithful and ever helpful… but if abused through selfish and stupid actions, they are ever haunting and ever painful.

The Blade Is-
My Vicodin

Avatar: Emo Girl 2

Level 4 Emo Kid

“Emotionally Stable”

Soft sound

A whisper in my mind

Fragrant illusion…

Blissful comfort her cacophony makes

Such sweet discord beats her heart

Muffled whimpers in a gale

Flame fueled by dying mirage

Silently shattering reason.

These remnants of contemplation

Embrace fleeting desire no more.

This rambling of my mind

Does too prove love is blind-

And dead.


Avatar: 83380 Fri Feb 06 21:48:18 -0500 2009

Level 32 Camwhore

Evil Trout's whore

I walked through the park 2 minutes till midnight and

thought myself a citadal

Now these four walls shrivel and wither

Mourning the unsung hero


I thought myself a citadel,

and fell to no fearsome blade

One word is all it took

A martyr has she made,

In a soldierless war.


The stone shield is defeated

By a wave of a hand

My stainless armor decays

With a single putrid glance

I am not a fighter, I am not strong –



One word is all it took

To shatter and dismay

A war without fighters

Has ended today.


Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re

Level 1 Re-Re

the land dyed crimson red,the shy stained black, the trees and plants drained of life, and the clouds rain tears of blood, she walks only to look though her broken eyes and see the cruel world before her, the tourchered soul still chained to the memories that don’t want to leave and the sharp claws of reality grasping her arms, could be the only thing keeping her there, shes struggles to get far.. oly to get nowhere, her hands cand hold the pain, but wont let go.. and the weight of the thickening air on her shoulders always dragging her down..fighting against an endless enemy, hopeless chaos surrounding her…

Shadow Ruler-

Avatar: harblgar

Level 7 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

————- “Chaos” ————-


Here’s my world on pause:

Here’s my life replayed.

Here’s to the logic of hate,

Here’s to my fatal mistake.


I am the winds of disorder

The slayer to your warder


I am the ropes of lightning

That pierce through the sky


I am a shadow, a storm

Ever ready to transform


I am the rain of fire

That flares the world’s ire


I set souls alight

I am the meaning of night


I roll the die of fate

One minute too late.


I bind all to Quicksand Time

I free the damned, sublime.


I unmask the forbidden,

And keep the hidden.


I paint reality its false colors.

I am Chaos.


Shadow Ruler IV edited this message on 05/31/2009 11:05PM

Shadow Ruler-

Avatar: harblgar

Level 7 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

[[[[[[Liquid Sky]]]]]

The night overcast with patched darkness

Shades of purple and black whirlpool above.

Starlight beacon illuminates still snow,

Subtle motion mirrors the stars’ glow.

Flowing across its soft sky beds, as the

Flakes of white crush under my body’s fall.

The free snow engulfs my jacket, and its

Icy sting gradually fades away.

A single being in a sea of cold.

Slowly absorbed by the embracing snow,

Into the Arctic quicksand I descend.

Fragile crystals compress like spongy foam,

My hands slide through as if slicing water,

Swimming happily through the yielding clouds.


When that icy mountain is mirrored here,

In my mind, the city’s smoke quickly fades,

Not even white noise can infect the calm.


The specks of color, scattered far above,

Pierce the nebulous haze of my conscience.

The hallowed mountain helps me find my words

Sounds I make echo only to myself.

The glittering ground dances with starlight

I can close my eyes, all philosophy

Is dulled by that frigid, solid ocean.

Secluded from day’s stormy maelstrom, in

This walled garden, strewn of ice and twilight.

Society is but a memory.

A blissful Zen of vivid expression?

Achieved in enlightened tranquility,

In perfect sync with these immortal walls…


The peak seems to break the empyrean sphere,

And looks upon the formidable ice.

Juxtaposition of light and darkness,

What could craft such dynamic a contrast

Of sheen and shadows?

Infused with thought, yet it freezes away,

Such has been the awesome awakening.

My rage is chilled, my temper is mellowed

Burning desires fully extinguished.

As it can all be ended by a hand of ice.

When weathering fierce, impbumable storms,

Yield: consider the wind, flying through space-

The angry lightning and the peaceful snow.

Remember, the ordeal shall always end

When the snowflake glides onto Earth.

Give pause – but not to stop, wonder, and stare

Instead channel your calm, focus, and feel

If it’s a snowstorm, know the difference.

The sky’s symphony of light, all notes

Play upon the radiant, impressive ice.

Unknown to man, Nature lives unhindered

When heaven’s curtain closes.


Avatar: Spider Illustration

Level 12 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Here’s my second entry:

Say the word and I’ll skip

along to the beat of your song,

you wild rascal jitterbug,

bastard of a cricket and a bumerfly;

you fly into the blue glbum bowl of the sky.

You lilac pretender, you twirl me

around, right round baby,

and I’m light-headed with wrongs,

and I’m trying, trying to skip right along—

until I, little catepillar, will twirl right

off your finger, swing into the

starry black mbum of the night,

spin out of orbit, head singing

with visions of green gables,

and I’ll crash into the concrete,

bounce into the lawn; I’ll sprawl in the

million pricking blades of plants,

pbumive. I, dagger of grbum,

will wait for the sun’s tears

on my sunny cheek,

and I won’t feel

a thing.


Avatar: 103335 2010-01-24 16:16:08 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 15 Camwhore

kinda looks like martha stewart while stirring


Us hopped up, smiling, apple-cheeked,

With our hot wet adolescent mouths

They gape and grin.

Playing- each chasing each others,

Sucking and biting.

This is where kiss-chase ends.

You’ve won me-

A willing catch.

Stark, soft, skin to skin. We swim

In lunacy under the moon

Framed on that ceilinged five pence piece

-Lizzie winks above you above I,


Log in to see images!

i put dashes where there should be line breaks.

lolbronnih edited this message on 06/01/2009 5:38PM

Patently Chi-
ll Prestidig-

Avatar: 128746 2011-10-09 04:24:59 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 69 Troll

Celerysteve is incredible... he is just so... so incredible.

i never write poetry in english, but here’s a go at it


love, i’m tired and i’m old

but you know that, don’t you love?

the spirit fades and my glbum eye can’t see the sky

and we’re still here instead of gone


love, my mouth tastes like tobacco

but i don’t mind much nor should you

and you think you see a story in my eyes

but there isn’t any really

so i’ll just tell you shameless lies

Patently Chill Prestidigitator edited this message on 06/01/2009 6:33PM

Bionic Taffy

Avatar: Blood Cells

[Tormenting Evil Kn-
uckles of Satan

Level 65 Emo Kid

“Trenchcoat Mafioso”

wait, if we can only have a max of three, then does that mean I have to choose which poems I posted? Log in to see images!


Avatar: 72902 2010-02-03 18:45:17 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 51 Troll


I don’t envy the judge.

anyway, here’s my entry:

It doesn’t matter how much you


spit shine

sand and varnish, varnish and sand

throw them in a tumbler until they’re more beautiful than you ever could have thought at the beginning;

They’re still just words.

And that no matter how much you

sugar coat them

embellish them

revise them;

the simplest sentiment is often the best.

That said,

I’m sorry you’re gone.


I miss you.

Fortunato edited this message on 06/01/2009 10:47PM

Nevermore An-
gel x001

Avatar: Abstract Blue Circle

Level 33 Hacker

“01001000 01000001 01011000”

Question. does it have to be written for this contest and never posted anywhere else, or could i link to my 3 best works on my dA?


Avatar: 77864 Thu Jun 04 08:28:46 -0400 2009

Level 56 Hacker

“Logic Bomber”


Time’s a whirlwind, a maze, a shadow, a blaze.

A river of quicksand, a city of smoke,

A rainbow castle, a master stroke.


It’s a play, a game, a movie, a name.

A star of illusion, A gate of pain,

A torrent of water, a cyclone of flame.


It’s a bomb, a cog, a blade, a bone.

A juggernaut, a clock

A memory, in stone.


Time is master of all and slave of none.

What is cast by Chronos is not undone.


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