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Rant Responding to the current submission of the Forumbuildr forum "Gamefabulous persons"


Avatar: 40896 2011-11-01 00:47:59 -0400

[fine upstanding member of society]

Level 35 Troll

Wher Have My Poor Imaginary Wife and Child Gone

Gamefabulous persons

Formerly known as GameFaqs, we now have a new view. Going from totalarian game guides to gay porn, we really love it all. Now we feature FAQ’s on the SexBox 360, The GayStation 3 and the Wii (do we really need a pun?) As we all say at Gamefabulous persons, Eat in your mouth, great times in ours.

To whomever submitted this, we already made forum called Gamefabulous personS. And it was written a lot better than this pitiful submission. This is inexcusable.


Avatar: TeeKayEff's Avatar

[Team Shortbus]

Level 34 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

IMO this is what we get for advertising on ED.


Avatar: 3450 2011-07-31 00:45:06 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 37 Troll


the freaking page where you submit ideas Posted:

Don’t copy other people’s submissions. That is a bannable offense.

People realy don’t bother to look at stuff ever, do they?

(don’t answer that; I know it’s true because I always don’t read and then look like a moron after)

Robert James-

Avatar: 43618 Wed Jul 08 18:15:24 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

World Chess Champion

What about World of Whorecraft? I remember voting that down in multiple incarnations.


Avatar: 33233 Tue Oct 21 12:46:08 -0400 2008

[70 Character Story-

Level 69 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

male reproductive organ Liquor Posted:

What about World of Whorecraft? I remember voting that down in multiple incarnations.

It never won until now, and it gets plausible deniability since there’s a porn of the same name and it would therefore be a very easy joke for multiple people to think up without knowing about the others.

Still possible it was cheated but is much less likely than this case.

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