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Rant **** the internet!


Avatar: arbitrayer's Avatar

Level 18 Troll

“Li'l Hellraiser”

even though im a horny teenager that gets hard ons at the drop of nothing at all, i am still apalled that i get boners when reading all of this nasty copypasta ****. it phases me, like i feel like its nasty, but not enough to make me cringe or something. at this point in my life im so used to 4chan and memes and stuff its just like whatever il get over it when i fap to regular porn later.

also link to guy shoving something up his bumhole was not appreciated, i knew something was wrong when the first thing that showed up on the screen was an ad for chulo chuggers or something that involved mexican men sucking male reproductive organ.

a dallop a d-

Avatar: Webcam Girl

Level 6 Camwhore

“Training Broad”

I do agree with all of you that all of these pedophiles are disturbing; however, I am slightly disturbed that all of you are saying all of these bad things about lolicon. Yes, it is true that lolicon serves the interest of pedophiles (agreed, pedophiles get off on it – what can we say?), but it is also true that it is not so much about “getting off” on it as it is about the very idea that it is disturbing. For example, many lolicon pictures disturb me to no end – and some people like disturbing things. Is it not the reason why people read Stephen King, or watch horror movies? There is tons of guro – and I suppose people look at guro for the same reason as they watch lolicon, which is that they like watching things that disturb themselves. Finally, doesn’t the Bible contain pbumages where child abuse happens? I do not think that looking at lolicon is any endorsement of child abuse – it is merely a stimulus to the imagination of horrors, just like reading any book or looking at any picture is a stimulus to the imagination of what they depict.

Moreover, it still has the potential for artistic value. For example, what do you think of an image depicting Romeo and Juliet having sex? This could be clbumified as lolicon, but it would be meaningful in a way. It is quite unfortunate that pedophiles like the one you have quoted would enjoy looking at such images, but then, it also has some legitimate uses such as the artistic value. It is certainly not true that the agreement one pedophile or other kind of bad person poisons the whole. That’s like saying that everyone who believes that Berlin is in Germany is a Nazi because Hitler believed the same.

After all, it really doesn’t make sense that looking at pictures of child abuse makes yourself a child abuse. That’s like saying looking at pictures of Harry Potter makes you a wizard. The most important thing is that it is merely a drawing, a mere arrangement of inkblots that has not harmed anyone in its production. The reason why real child pornography is banned is because it encourages production – which invariably harms minors. As I have already mentioned, the Bible contains pbumages of child abuse, people are free to draw pictures of murder. The purposes of these images is to depict and show things about bad things that happen. Similarly, pictures of child abuse is essentially to show things about the bad thing known as child sexual abuse.

For example, if someone were to illustrate one of the horror stories of one of those “copypasta” /b/tards, it would be considered lolicon, right? And yet it would also be instructive and informative, for illustrations would show clearly the horror story that has occurred, as well as making it all the horror story more vivid.

Really, how many people go to 4chan? This is about 20000 people, and I suspect that these pedophiles are more notable among them because they are pedophiles, whilst most people are just ordinary people.

(I admit, the quality of 4chan has been declining ever since its origin. I myself am disgusted with 4chan people. I mean, I swear, most of these 4chan people are high-school drop-outs who are on drugs. ON DRUGS. I have seen plenty of drug discussion threads. And plenty of people just doing stupid stuff. I was once a frequenter of the Yuri board /u/, where there were lively discussions about relationships, the meaningfulness and artistic quality of the yuri pictures, as well as discussions about how people personally relate to yuri series like Marimite, Strawberry Panic, Kannazuki no Miko, and so on. Now, however, it has become much more unpleasant, as more and more people have begun to arrive to say “we need more yuri porn” and “stop it with the stupid discussions.” This is quite indicative of the decline of 4chan. I will never go back to 4chan. As a side note, I am going to keep my own anonymous message boards at 28chan.)

The following article is also instructive on the current mentality of 4chan:

Also, here are two pictures relating to the first of the two stories:

What can we learn from this? 4chan turns people into retards.

a dallop a daisy edited this message on 08/06/2008 8:22AM
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