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General Role-Playing

On the Internet, you can be whoever you want! Basic role-playing ITF.

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Request Government shutdown, debt ceiling vote interrupted by House stenographer Latest Post Tamagotchi****er... 2 135 Fingerz
Request Emo Kid Got Dumped Latest Post xxEmoxKidxx 7 141 Joseph of Suburb...
Request Hey guys! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Celerysteve 38 380 Bacchus
Request STUMPY MIKE I AM CALLING YOU OUT Latest Post Patently Chill P... 17 209 Ingenue
Request add me cuz im pretti LOL Latest Post Milo 12 153 Hobojim
Request Hey do you want to be my best friend? Latest Post Celerysteve 15 138 Bacchus
Request We shouldn't worry about tomato sauce all the time Latest Post AIDS woman's genitals 6 95 Fingerz
Request Frannnnnn Latest Post Raffle Ticket 5 84 Bacchus
Request COS AST TEN THE PIE Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 1 13 Inspector Chelme...
Request If a skinny inferiority complex finds lice on another false scooby snack, then a bartender self-flagellates. Latest Post TUBSWEETIE 1 13 TUBSWEETIE
Request ****ING fabulous personS WIOLLJEWDNIODQIOQWIOFJIF Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 1 15 Inspector Chelme...
Request OH MY GOD WHO AM I Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 1 13 Inspector Chelme...
Request DODODODODO DODODODODO PERRY Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 2 21 TUBSWEETIE
Request Some vaporized roller coaster barely trades baseball cards with a razor blade. Latest Post TUBSWEETIE 1 14 TUBSWEETIE
Request ROLEMPLAYING Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 1 15 Inspector Chelme...
Request Why do you guys hate brawl in the famly? My last thread if at least 6 people answer. Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 18 124 Chuck Diesel
Request YOU ARE ALL MY HENCHMEN Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 1 18 Inspector Chelme...
Request i miss sarcasm inc Latest Post Calvin Harris 6 115 Skyman747
Request I have a bp! Latest Post Raffle Ticket 10 150 Smoke Roachys
Request There's no tickets on Kyoubai Latest Post Raffle Ticket 6 83 sdgrbass09
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