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Whiny Bitches

Our free-for-all forum. Complain about the game all you want here!

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
Gay I HAD A SHORTBUS ONCE, WITH A TEAM ON IT. Latest Post PhilANThropiSt 1 136
Gay ****ING TEAM SHORTBUS Latest Post FoetalBlowjob 1 126
Bucket <3 TSB Latest Post Drunkenlazybasta... 12 380 Drunkenlazybasta...
Shock Have you ever? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post -Ghost- 39 597 -Ghost-
help i cant figure out how to pwn this forum there is no bar this game is buggy and terrible ( 1 2 3 4 ) Latest Post Kelp Plankton 62 1284 icwutudidthar
Ugly Unban Escher and Sux2BU!!! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post MC Banhammer 33 1065 JThizz
Politics It is officially 'World Hepatitus Day' ( 1 2 ) Latest Post 200KillerWasps 28 549 Balloon
Evil Trout **** YOU BANHAMMER Latest Post gigerth 15 381 gigerth
Evil Trout Maple Story adds? In /my/ RPG? Latest Post Tesfan 8 246 Biff Weasley
I HATE MYSPACE TOM Latest Post FoetalBlowjob 17 517 Zre
Gay who bought an ad for icanhascheeseburger .com Latest Post BirdofPrey 18 1346 DeadMcMahon
Feature Un ban PhilANThropiSt Ban Pickled male reproductive organbum Latest Post bunny_killer 4 330 Balloon
Rant Ban Pickled male reproductive organbum ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post bunny_killer 45 1528 Headsets
Writing crotchbiter_the_flaccid did not post this. Latest Post Wylin 8 297 Wylin
Politics Who the hell is Goldstrike anywayz... Latest Post badfish23 5 272 PhilANThropiSt
Gay wtf kind of text adventure lacks xyzzy Latest Post 1338h4x 9 379 Something_Witty
Ugly I FEEL OFFENDED BY PICKLEDmale reproductive organBUT ( 1 2 ) Latest Post -God- 24 661 gigerth
Art I'm stuck what a bunch of DISCONCERTING FOLLY ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Napalm Kid 21 463 DEAD FAGGOT
Gay ban velveteen ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post gigerth 55 1446 gigerth
Sex Please give SG94 the E-peen Latest Post -God- 5 334 CAPTAIN SODA
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