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Whiny Bitches

Our free-for-all forum. Complain about the game all you want here!

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Flezz but episode three cost money and it's just pixels n' data and pretty much means paying moneys for pictures oh my loI :$ Latest Post superannonon 13 388 Ingenue
Flezz lol i'm just Latest Post superannonon 1 162 superannonon
Flezz LOL Latest Post superannonon 1 148 superannonon
Flezz ****TY Latest Post superannonon 1 126 superannonon
Flezz Just got back into the game. Latest Post HxC Waffle 10 346 HxC Waffle
Flezz Finally! Latest Post Big_Mike 7 266 sdgrbass09
Flezz Murder at the Ice Cream Parlour Latest Post Parlok 4 218 megazeroexe
Flezz Hey, you guys remember... Latest Post KenKaniff 5 262 Parlok
Flezz ep3 Latest Post Sentrillion 3 226 Sentrillion
Flezz NO MORE WHINEY ****ES Latest Post Chawin 1 182 Chawin
Flezz we are crotch zombie and we are greedy bum canadian jew fabulous persons Latest Post CHALKONEUPTODALO... 5 285 ChilePepino
Flezz This pretty much sums up the entire FWZ game, Flamebate, and overall the general mindset of ET. Latest Post CrinkzPipe 1 212 CrinkzPipe
Flezz The Church needest funds to burnest the pagans Latest Post MC Banhammer 14 342 Lord Boxtop
Flezz Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah Latest Post I_Zagged_Before_... 8 774 AIDS CUNT
Flezz **** YOU TUBS YOU ****ING fabulous person Latest Post Fran 6 237 Celerysteve
Flezz IF HE KILLS HISSELF; THE BLOOD IS ON *UR* HANDS Latest Post 1337xxxxxxxxxlol... 1 177 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Flezz You should.... Latest Post Zig_before_you_z... 6 472 Nailbomb
Flezz Also that way I can stop relaying his bloody messages to everyone Latest Post duca 1 188 duca
Flezz oh yeah unban fie cause we said so and stuff Latest Post duca 1 220 duca
Flezz SELLING GAIA ONLINE ITEMS Latest Post pebum 3 405 twas
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