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Whores Just Wanna Have Fun!

And they will! It’s, like, the official Camwhore role-playing forum. And stuff.

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Gay ATOMIC SCRIPTER: "I'M THE MICROWAVE. BE MY FRIEND FOR BP!!!!" Latest Post Something_Witty 1 114 Something_Witty
Gay EVIL TROUT: "OH GOD WHY DOESN'T ANYBODY LOVE MEEEEEEEE D:" Latest Post Something_Witty 1 130 Something_Witty
Gay SWITTY: "I'M THE DUDE POSTING THE VIDS I'M NOT IN THE VID AT ALL OMG LMFAO" Latest Post Something_Witty 1 108 Something_Witty
Gay FIE: "I'M THE DUDE WITH THE GLbumES WHO'S YELLING A LOT ROFL" Latest Post Something_Witty 1 98 Something_Witty
Gay JB: "I'M THE WHEAT BEING CRUSHED BECAUSE I'M GAY LOL" Latest Post Something_Witty 1 110 Something_Witty
Gay *PUNCHES THE MC**** OUT OF THAT ****ING MICROWAVE **** YEAH* Latest Post Something_Witty 1 116 Something_Witty
Gay *CRUSHES THAT ****ING WHEAT LIKE THE SKULL OF A fine upstanding member of society CURB=STOMPED BY A NEO NAZI* Latest Post Something_Witty 1 119 Something_Witty
Gay SEKLDFJWE;MI2V89[-35NYB GY629P-N 14823B79P-GUE4IOPRTNHQ3IWY34ORHYUYIGNE4TR3NYG46O23V78 GY62378P2378P4349P-T53489PBG539[-57GN2389P-5N7239P-57238P-5N7GN G7365625 Latest Post Something_Witty 1 125 Something_Witty
Gay *CLEARS THROAT* Latest Post Something_Witty 1 105 Something_Witty
Gay JOIN THE 'FIE IS COOL AND JB IS A fabulous person' CAMPAIGN! WE HAVE RICE! Latest Post Something_Witty 1 112 Something_Witty
Gay UNBAN FIE <3 ( 1 2 ) Latest Post duca 21 795 Sidd
Gay so im going to start playing the game again Latest Post Chawin 19 437 DerKaiserReich
Gay Oh hey guys Latest Post AngryJailbait 19 534 Amy Rose
Gay pOOpey Latest Post PollyAmorist 8 503 Shadow Ruler IV
Gay What does your great times taste like? Latest Post fine upstanding member of society**** 9 507 twas
Gay omg any boys up in here?! ( 1 2 ) Latest Post AngryJailbait 22 698 Fie
Gay I love you. Latest Post twas 18 491 Sybian
Gay ATTN: BLOODYDEMISE AND SCULLY Latest Post Peregrine 14 322 Physics
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