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Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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List Of Internet References In Forumwarz


Forum Name Reference Fat Acceptance Forums is a reference to 2channel, and to 4chan. The actual content has no similarities, it's just a play on words.
Affluence Anonymous A reference to Alcoholics Anonymous.
ASCII Artists' Alcove A reference to the text-based art style, ASCII art.
Battlethreadz ThreadConstructr v3.0 Gamma A reference to forumbuildr v2.0 BETA, used to create the community forums in Forumwarz.
Cellmates A reference to, a roommate search service.
Church of Saiyantology This forum is a reference to the Church of Scientology, a controversial group often criticized for cultist behavior and unusual practices.
Cosplay Central A reference to the many forums discussing cosplay, which is like roleplaying but with extremely geeky costumes. See also LARPing This forum is a reference to, which provides local clbumifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events.
CyberChondriacs "Cyberchondria" is used to describe the behavior of hypochondriacs who use the Internet to gather information on health or healthcare.
DENSA Low IQ Society A reference to the MENSA High IQ Society.
DeviousArtists A reference to the online art community, DeviantArt.
Doprah's Book Cult A reference to Oprah's Book Club.
Dykea A reference to both lesbianism and Ikea.
Ebony Jaguars A reference to militant Black Power group, the Black Panthers
Engrish Ressons A reference to the fact that the Japanese 'r' sound is similar to the English 'l' sound. Also, Engrish refers to non-standard variations of English often found in East Asian countries.
Fakebook A reference to the social networking site Facebook.
Fanfiction Freaks A reference to the site FanFiction.Net.
FapQuest A reference to MapQuest.
Fathers Against Pornography A reference to "Citizens Against Pornography," a group dedicated to fighting the plague of pornography and its degenerating effect on society. Seemingly unaware that the acronym for their site is "fap," a reference to male masturbation.
Faux News A reference to the news channel, Fox News.
Forum for the Blind An obvious oxymoron
Gamefabulous personS This is a reference to GameFAQs, a popular gaming help/discussion board.
Geronimo! Official Forums This is a reference to Yahoo!, the world’s second-biggest search engine.
God Hates Facts A reference to the Westboro Baptist Church and its GodHatesfabulous persons website.
Grammar Nazis Based on the term used to describe those who try to correct every single grammar and spelling error they find.
Great Firewall of China A reference to the Great Firewall of China, which in itself is a wordplay on the Great wall of China
Homeless Depot A reference to Home Depot.
Homicide Girls A reference to the Suicide Girls.
HowStuffBreaks A reference to the popular HowStuffWorks website.
Infomercial Enthusiasts (As Seen on This Forum!) A reference to the phrase "As seen on TV!" found on many products featured on infomercials.
Internet Confessional A reference to the popular trend of confessing your sins anonymously online instead of going to a church.
Internet Movie DoucheBags A reference to the online filmography community, Internet Movie DataBase.
JewGrounds A reference to the Flash cartoon website, Newgrounds.
Konservative Kristian Koalition This forum is based on the Klu Klux Klan, an organization known for their promotion of the caucasian race and efforts to oppress other races.
Mad Scientists A reference to a common character found in science fiction, frequently the villain.
MathBlasters A reference to Math Blaster, a collection of puzzles and software used to teach mathematics to children.
Memebusters A reference to the popular TV show, Mythbusters.
National Geographic Sexplorers A reference to the National Geographic Explorer! magazine put out by the National Geographic organization.
Praypal A reference to the popular online payment system, Paypal. It also spoofs the (now defunct) Catholic system of buying indulgences.
RAtM: Rage Against the Moderators This name is a reference to the metal band, Rage Against The Machine.
Rule Thirty-Fourum A reference to the popular "Rule 34" which states that if something exists, there is also porn of it.
ReincarNation Reincarnation is the belief that when someone dies, they'll be born again.
Second Wife A reference to the virtual world Second Life.
SexTeen A reference to the teen magazine, Seventeen.
Society for Creative Historical Revisionism A reference to the Society for Creative Anachronism: a bunch of people that like to think that the Middle Ages were full of ale and wenches instead of plague and famine. You can usually find them at Renaissance Fayres, drinking beer out of a plastic cup.
Something Lawful A reference to the popular online community Something Awful.
South Carolina Marine Fisheries Forum A reference to the marine fisheries program in the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium.
S.P.C.A. A reference to the acronym used for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Terra Online A reference to the popular online community Gaia Online.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet A reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
The Multiple Personality Order A reference to dissociative identity disorder, also called multiple personality disorder.
The Teachings of Goa-Tse A reference to the shock image, Goatse.
The Urbane Dictionary A reference to Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary free to edit.
TravelAnimosity A reference to
Trident Media This forum is based on Pitchfork Media. It is often criticized for its heavily biased reviews and unorthodox reviewing style, often evading the musical content itself.
Veterans of Foreign Whores A play on the words "veteran of foreign wars."
Wahoo Answers This forum is based on Yahoo! Answers. You can ask all kinds of questions there and get more or less helpful answers.
Wal-Martyr A reference to the Wal-Mart corporation.
Web 1.0 Veterans A reference to the term that described the World Wide Web before the "dot-com bubble" broke in 2001.
Who Would Jesus Do? A reference to the popular Christian motto, "What Would Jesus Do?".
Wiccapedia A reference to the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and a play on words with Wiccans and occultism.
World of Whorecraft A reference to the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft.
Youboob A reference to YouTube.


Name Reference
AnonymousThis sTalk contact was based of the denizens of 4chan, who identify themselves as Anonymous. This NPC's behavior, always telling the player to "get the **** out" is also a characteristic of 4chan users (or most of the internet, really).
Bruce Bear Based on the phenomenon of large hairy masculine gay men calling themselves 'bears' (for obvious reasons)
Doctor ODoctor O is named after Cory Doctorow, a Canadian blogger who's also one of the co-editors of the blog Boing Boing (or its Forumwarz counterpart,
Falcon****erFalcon****er is a reference to FalconFour, a permabanned and often mocked player.
FBOThe Flaming Black Operatives are based on the GNAA, a widely known trolling organization. GNAA is known by creating Last Measure, one of the most known (and evil) browser hijacks out there.
Fr4gGingR1teZFr4gGingR1teZ is named after professional power gamer Fatal1ty.
Futanari-MoeFutanari is the Japanese name for male reproductive organgirl hentai. Goes nicely with him since he also has a very weird fetish.
haxlroseNamed after Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose.
KIM_SHADYA reference to rapper Eminem's alter ego, Slim Shady.
Shallow EsophagusThe name Shallow Esophagus is a reference to the Watergate informant Deep Throat.
Reilly O'BillHis name is a reference to the often lampooned news anchorman with Fox News, Bill O'Reilly.
Ron BALLISTAThe name Ron BALLISTA is a reference to Tom Cruise and to an extent, John Travolta. Ballista's affiliation with the Church of Saiyantology is also a reference to Cruise's affiliation to the Church of Scientology, often heavily lampooned and attacked online.


Name Reference
Drugs "R" FunDrugs "R" Fun is based off of Toys "R" Us, a well known toy store.
KyoubaiFor those who have to have everything pointed out to them, Kyoubai is one of several Japanese translations for the word auction, but it also sounds a lot like "K, you buy!" See the note on Engrish above.
Plum ComputersPlum is a parody of Apple, with the iPrune and Prunebook being imitations of Apple's iMac and Macbook.
SentrillionSentrillion is a parody of Google, the most powerful search engine.
SpendFriendSpendFriend is obviously based off PayPal.
SpoilerpediaSpoilerpedia references Wikipedia, but primarily includes Forumwarz spoilers.
sTalkThe Forumwarz IM service is based on Google's IM service, Google Talk. It's also a play on words, since it's abbreviated as gTalk, as well as reading as "stalk."
TallJungle**** Forumwarz's bookstore is based off Amazon, a very well known online retailer. The name is a reference to the fact that the Amazonians were a group of tall women who lived in the jungle.
The Ppwn Shoppe!The Ppwn Shoppe! works in a similar fashion to a pawnbroker, or pawn shop. In this case the person exchanges an item of some monetary value for cash.
TubmailThe Forumwarz mail service is a small homage to Tubgirl, or an Asian woman defecating on herself. If you look at the logo, you'll see a small picture of an bum at the dot on the i. It is also a reference to Hotmail.
Net TrannyNet Tranny relates to a safe searching program called Net Nanny.


Name Reference
forumbuildr and itembuildrBoth references to the photo sharing site, flickr.
GameDolphin GameDolphin is a parody of the video game cheat cartridge, GameShark.
IDC IDC is a parody of the popular IRC (Internet Relay Chat) system, with Relay being replaced with Delay.
The Soggiest Cracker.leer A reference to the popular Soggy Cracker party game. Can also be played with a Biscuit.
Trapped In The CupboardA parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" series of songs.
Operation clampearl A parody of a well-known action against the Church of scientology, led by anonymous.

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