Q: What does Forumwarz consider "trolling"?

According to Wikipedia: a troll is “a person who is deliberately inflammatory on the Internet in order to provoke a vehement response from other users.”

“Trolling,” therefore, means posting something of no substance or contribution to a topic, other than to attempt to offend, derail or incite.

Trolling can include any post that includes text or pictures that are off-topic, NSFW or shock (including depictions of nudity, graphic sexuality, or graphic and realistic violence, gore or mutilation), spam (including text, emoticon, blank-line or empty-quote spam), name-calling, ad hominem insults, threats, harassment or mini-modding.

The nature of trolling is, of course, sometimes subjective. That’s why it may sometimes come down to a judgment call by one or more of Forumwarz’s moderators, a group of players who have been selected specifically for their good judgment, sense of fairness and knowledge. If you’re in a Civil Discussion area and you’re not sure whether your post will count as trolling or not, the safe bet is to not post it.

Bottom line — you can argue your points, but don’t be an asshole in the civil areas — even when provoked.