Q: My streak was reset! What happened?

Streaks are reset when you:

1) Repeat the same forum that was in your streak


2) Die or otherwise fail to complete a forum. (Note: it will be reset when you enter your next forum.)

One thing to watch out for is that some forums are listed twice, both in your community forums as well as in your bookmarks. This happens when a community forum has been integrated into the Forumwarz storyline.

Even though these forums may be listed twice, they do not count as two different forums. If you pwn the same forum twice, regardless of where the link came from, your streak will be reset.

If your streak was reset, you can review your forum history to figure out which forum you pwned twice. Please look carefully before submitting it to us as a bug report. We often get bug reports about broken streaks, and in the last 4+ months we have yet to see a broken streak that was not the player’s mistake.