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Forumwarz is a parody role-playing game that takes place on the Internet. In fact, Forumwarz is the game form.

Magical dragon-faeries? Flaxen-hair'd elflords? Dank scary dungeons, reminiscent of Grandpa's basement? Kids' stuff. In Forumwarz, you can pwn trolls in ridiculous web hacked warez from shady Russian websites...or upgrade your skills with breast implants, malt liquor and antidepressants.

Assume the role of one of five Internet personas: Camwhore, Troll, Hacker, Permanoob or Emo Kid, each with their own special attacks, abilities and personalities.

Play in story mode and pwn your way through a dense world of mystery, intrigue and Internet idiocy. Or test your skillz against others in various player-versus-player challenges.

It's kinda hard to explain. Easier to just give it a test don't even need to sign up! Click here to play right away!

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