Our Privacy Policy

This is the website for Forumwarz, an online role-playing game from Crotch Zombie Productions.

  • What we collect: Baseball cards! Also, we have to collect a few basic pieces of information before we let you play. Specifically: your email address. The rest, such as the size and/or curvature of your genitalia, is none of our business. You do have the option of creating an in-game profile with slightly more information. We also collect and track usage patterns (site statistics), including your IP address and your domain of origin.

  • Why we collect it: We need to know who you are so that we can track your in-game progress and identify you in any game-related correspondences. Site statistics are kept so that we can track how popular the game is, and so that we can streamline the end-user experience.

  • Third parties: We will NEVER sell your email address to any third parties or outside agencies. Hell, we won't even sell it to the first two parties. You will never be contacted by anyone for any reason not related to Forumwarz as a result of signing up. And that's The Forumwarz Difference™.

  • Opting out: You have the opportunity to turn off Forumwarz email notifications using your user control panel.

  • Cookies: Cookies are not only delicious, but they're required to play Forumwarz. We use them for authentication and game session data.

  • Ad partners: Many of the pages on this site include ads served by third-party providers such as Google Adsense. They may be collecting basic information on visitors, including IP addresses, domain types and clickstream information. However, we do not provide them with your name or email address. Our ad partners are not responsible for the content on our site (luckily for them!), nor are we responsible for theirs.

  • Data security: We will do our best to ensure that whatever information you provide us is kept secure. Having said that, no computing or security system is foolproof, and we will thus not be held liable in the event of data loss, security break-ins or other unpredictable events. Any data you provide to us is at your own risk. So, like we said...keep the genitalia stuff to yourself.

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