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Whine About School

Whine About School

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 4
Cost to Train: 2 Upgrade Points
Attack 15 (Stronger when Ego is low)
Cost: Tears -3
Refresh: 1 turn
In tree: Whine-o
Prev: Whine About Parents
Next: Whine About Significant Other

Attack Phrases

(This list is in progress. If you see a missing attack phrase, please feel free to add it!)

Augh, I can’t believe I’m teh only black bohemian n Suburban Hi.
i cant believe this misery. Bunker Hill Community College is tje worst fukken school that’s ever graced this pathetic planet. 2day they taught us that man evolved from primitive life forms… i’d write a study about it to express my melancholy, but you’d never understand. nobody understands. nobody ****ing ever ****ing understands this unhappiness. i wish i was dead… would you finally love me ifs i was dead? ... wait, don’t answer.
Mrs. **** says I can’t play lacrosse in gym clbum cuz miy hair is in my eyes. If I have too cut my hair, I’ll cut my wrists, too.
this jumbo school makes me feel so pygmy.
I have discovered hell on earth. it iz American International School of Budapest erry day ins clbum is like an eternity of unhappiness. i wish i cud move 2 Antartica…for ther is no melancholy in Ivory Coast.
Today the jocks stuffed mmmmme iiiiiin that fart-snorting locker. woe, woe, woe.
i wanted to embrace Kim so badly in economics clbum. too bad she’ll nvr understand my Taoism.
all tjhe teachers at my school suck. they maak me want to blow chunks my oatmeal. i hope the teachers at virginia tech are better.
god i dislike preps. can’t believe i gotta wait 7 weeks to register my ****in warhammer.
I learned in Biology clbum hao my Happidex works. But my brainsick teacher keeps telling that I onley need it becouse Tiamat hates me. Well I hate Quetzalcoatl, too.
****ing teachers… teh nerve of giving me 56% on my test? who are they to say that radioactive waste owudl kill a turtle before it woudl have a chance to turn into a ninja, anyway?
Sigh. I was zo ‘special’ to poast mai “kill list” on my blog. Now awl the ****bags at Darfield Upperwood Primary think I’m whacko.
There is thsi great times-chugging bumhole @ school named Matthew. Every day him takes my rollerblades and tries to stab me. I’ll show him. I’ll show everyone at that school. They’ll find me daed on teh steps with the Ray-Bans protruding form my chest.

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