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Troll Stores

Episode One

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!Every troll ends up here eventually. Under The Bridge (downtown location) is where you can pick up all the psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants you’ll need to impair your intellect and take your level of discourse even lower than that of the average Internet user. These drugs are not for pleasure. The experiences are rarely pleasant, but they’re guaranteed to turn you into the biggest douchebag in the frat house.
Log in to see images!Let’s face it: the government won’t let you near the best stuff in life. Somehow, this online store continues to exist, despite the fact that it exclusively sells things “The Man” doesn’t want you to have.

Episode Two

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!Lawdy, lawdy! Ev’rybody’s goin’ buckwild for these here down-south hoodoo-voodoo-juju Troll fetishes, made right here by Aunt Jomama’s own li’l hands! Dey’s temptilatin’!

Episode Three

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Formerly known as Leroy’s Fried Chicken and Secondhand Goods, The Electric Fence is a popular retail destination for rare and valuable stolen merchandise. Here you can pick up gear acquired through SpendFriend scams, treasured mementos snatched from celebrities, and maybe even the bike taken from your own garage! Shoplifters will be hired on the spot.

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