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Stuffed Shirt

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    Stuffed Shirt is an incompetence type attack. It's granted at the start of Episode 3, to those with a neutral alignment.

    Attack Phrases

    *yawn* It’s so quiet around here.
    Anyone want my secret family recipe for toasted white bread?
    Being vague is almost as good as doing this other thing.
    Feelin’ kinda tired.
    Gonna go watch some Weather Channel…brb
    Had a fairly satisfying breakfast this morning. Eggs, bacon, toast…etc.
    Have you guys seen this new shock image? A car painted red…I think I’m going to be sick. Log in to see images!
    Hey, guys, let’s watch some Lawrence Welk.
    I got pretty wild last night. I must have had two, maybe three glbumes of tap water.
    I had a son once…he kind of looked like me.
    I had milk toast this morning and thought of you.
    I never bothered to plug in my TV cable…static is all I need.
    I’m arms akimbo over limbo.
    I’m glad I was born colorblind. Everything is the same lovely shade of gray.
    I’m the middle child in my family.
    Meh is my favorite word and by favorite I mean it’s okay.
    My favorite hobby is sitting on a park bench with my eyes closed. Otherwise, it’s too stimulating for me. I feel very bleh about this.
    Some things sure do look like other things.
    To paraphrase the words of Lou Reed, I think we should take a walk on the mild side.
    The other day, I was sitting around at home and nothing interesting happened.
    You know what the best number is? Zero.
    You won’t believe this, but my somehow attractive neighbor was undressing in front of her window last night. I closed my blinds and watched NCIS. With the sound off, of course.
    Worked again today. Blah.

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