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Self Diagnose With Asperger S

Self-Diagnose with Asperger's

Log in to see images!Available at: Level 30 Defense +15 for 6 Turns
Tears -15
Refresh: 6 turns
In tree: Whine-o
Prev: Everybody Hurts
Next: **** About Other Emo Kids

Attack Phrases

I’m so glad I have Asperger’s. I was so sick of ADHD.
I always knew I had some kind of syndrome. It’s comforting to know just which one.
I wish I could live on Vulcan.
I caught Asperger’s from a toilet seat. That’s why I only started acting like this ten days ago.
Nobody understands the pain that I feel because none of you have Asperger’s. Actually, if you had Asperger’s you wouldn’t understand the pain that I feel either. So scratch that.
Does my obsession with Larry Holmes porn count as “special knowledgeable interests”?
I’m going to go type over here in the corner by myself now.
Hey you guys ****BALLS I think I have woman's genitalsS Asperger’s I can’t ****BALLS stop swearing male reproductive organS male reproductive organS male reproductive organS
I’m starting an Asperger’s club…we’re currently not looking for members Log in to see images!
Hmm, they say “difficulty with communications” could be a sign of Asperger’s. So I apologize in advance if you have trouble understanding this statement.
I have trouble CONTROLLING THE VOLUME of my typing.
I’m not a premature ejaculator, I’m just overly sensitive. It’s an aspie thing.
I’m not crying, I’m having an Asperger’s outbreak.
I am not an bum-pie, I’m an aspie!
I was making a phone call and I dialed the wrong number just a minute ago. This means I have Asperger’s right?
I’m a high-functioning sufferer of Asperger’s. It only flares up when I need to make excuses for something.
When I was a child I slept with my droid guardian Defendro X22. He touched my bumhole Log in to see images! Can robots transmit Asperger’s?
My only friends are my Pokemon. They don’t make fun of my disorder Log in to see images!

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