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Im Pregnant With Your Child

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 11
Cost to Train:
Attack: 90 - 100
Cost: Sexiness -9
Refresh: 1 turn
In tree: Textual Abuse
Prev: Threaten To Contact Authorities
Next: All About Meee!

Attack Phrases

These are sample attack phrases. Spelling mistakes and text style may vary.

I went ffffffffor an ultrasound yesterday. Aighhhhhhhht! The bad news are I’m pregnant. The good news is his willy is wae bigger than yours already.
Guess yor jizz was more strong tahn wee thought, huh?
Oh man, I’ve felt run down all lunchtime and it’s all ur fault! I talked to Ralph all over my new beanie…you’re paying for that, by the wai! I can sue!
Ha ha! The tests prove ur our tot’s daddy! Phil Donahue is goign tew have a field day with this!
omigawd…lo blood pressure, trimestr, naturual birth…i can’t takeses it anymore! as soon as this child is born it’s hanging tiem!
I don’t care how I have too get that filthy life juice of yallz, but you are taking that paternity test, we’re goin on ****ing Jerry Springer and I guaran-woman's genitals-licking-tee you won’t be dancing teh bunny hop when you hear the results, buster!
What do u think is a better naem for our little boy: Tracy or Kelly? I’m hoping he turns out to be a puto liek you Log in to see images!
I have a sudden craving for a mineral water and pop smoothie. Go fetch me a glbum, you deadbeat rascal.
Goddamn it, I hate being preggers! When this son of a chickenhead is born I’m gonna shake it like that soy milk ‘n fried soup smoothie I’ve bean craving all morning!
Did you know the first time a bambino give birth 2 a black eels it’s as black as midnight? Y’all be cleaning that up…You awready know!

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