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All About Meee

Log in to see images! Available at: Level 13
Cost to Train:
Attack: 105 - 125
Cost: Sexiness -10
Refresh: 2 turns
In tree: Textual Abuse
Prev: Im Pregnant With Your Child
Next: Glitter FX

Attack Phrases

These are sample attack phrases. Spelling mistakes and text style may vary.

133. Favorite Poet: Jack Kerouac…ok i seriously looked that up on wiki1!!
241. Pubic hair? NoneLog in to see images!
210. Who do yuo want to be like when you grow up? Angelina Jolie or George Bush!
410. Bestest bumet: prolly my clit b/c it’s soooooo tight I only been ****ed like 253 times and never by an eskimo
211. your favorite body part: my tight little keister!
152. Have you ever kissed a girl? only on camera, EL O EL1!
279. Pre-Op oooooor Poast-Op? pre-operativvvve!!1 (on my dirty pillows)
198. Favorite Holliday: OMG I luvs heart lvoe love hate love Bank Holiday!!1 it’s the best, especially all the presents the boyz get meLog in to see images!
299. Favorite Nicccccckkkkkkkkkkname: doll sugar-knockers
2. Age: 12

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