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Top Rankings

Leaderboard Name Value
Most Flezz JayZJay 13,426,622,328
Most Forums Pwned JayZJay 15107
Most INCIT Wins DG-Root 701
Largest Klans Brainfreeze 14
Most Flezz (Klan) Brainfreeze 1,806,707,279
Most Forums Pwned (Klan) Ding-Dong 3180
Most Medals JayZJay 690
Top Flamebaters Johnny Mac 1639
Most Popular Catt although 597
Highest Buildr Score Catt although 50
Hall of Shit Votes OrsonScottCard 1317
Most Job Points JayZJay 12124
Longest E-Peen(tm) sdgrbbum09 100.13"
Best Auctioneer JayZJay 3960
Best Bidder JayZJay 4795
Most Fans JayZJay 6,182,622