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Leaderboard results are only updated once every 24 hours.

A klan needs to have at least 5 members in order to show up on the leaderboards.

Most Flezz (Klan)

Rank Name Average Flezz
1 Majestic 12 5,406,440,662
2 Harem and Sushi Bar 1,923,003,066
3 Brainfreeze 945,297,635
4 De Trout Spinners 751,944,625
5 Good Omens 268,505,295
6 fine upstanding member of society 267,676,898
7 The Scrotal Safety Commission 238,501,719
8 Im lonely 213,941,344
9 WeChall is a ****ty klan 21,313,047
10 Island of Avalon 19,975,431
11 Grey Goose Mafiosi 14,946,206
12 A Beautiful Place Out in the Country 6,180,136
13 Backdoor Amigos 825,186

The klan who tops this leaderboard is awarded the following E-Peen™: