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I'll BINGE to that

This player celebrated the activation of BINGEBOT 2015.

The following players have earned this E-Peen™:
Name Level Klan
The Gentleman 35 The Airship
The Raven 14 -
Theo de Raadt 31 Late Yak Sectarian
Trapezoid 41 Island of Avalon
TUBSWEETIE 37 And The Banned Played On
UnlimitedTyyppi 69 -
Vageena Davis 69 pizza party
valka 69 WeChall
Veer 32 Team Shortbus
Vicky Love 69 Klan Apathy
WoweeZowee 35 -
wtfmcnuggets 36 The Scrotal Safety Commission
Xemnas 22 -
Xx-EmO_4_LiFe-xX... 45 Wop
ZALG0 69 Brainfreeze
Zzyw 35 Consentual Sex