The Godless Gamers

This is the profile page for a klan in Forumwarz. Forumwarz is the first "Massively Single-Player" online RPG completely built around Internet culture.

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We here at the Godless Gamers take pride in being unholyier-than-thou pricks who will kick your bum at any game, anytime(provided that game doesn’t involve more physical activity than wrist flicking and thumb flailing). That being said, here is our current hit list.

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Jesus Christ[all]-This bumhole needs to die. He is a level 11 hacker who spams the emo move “life after death”. Shoot this prick on sight.

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George Bush[stupidity]-He started a war which killed hundreds of thousands of little brown people, which is awesome…but he did it for the wrong reasons. We do not endorse killing people for religious reasons, we expect an adequate and tangible reason(like for the lulz).

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Kim Jhong-Il[asplosions]-This short little male reproductive organ-mongler is terribly tiny. His minuscule power over the world made him angry, so he decided to build “little presents” to show those countries with meager expectations of his limited leadership. okay, now the problem with this guy is that:

a)he is korean, they are known to be total bumtards at video games, mastering headshots, instead of the almighty male reproductive organshot.

b)he is short, and as fred phelps would say “GOD HATES ALL THOSE MIDGETS AND THEY’RE GOING TO HELL”

c)he is korean

d)he is a woman's genitals who hides behind neuclear missles like a sissy. Real men hide behind a keyboard and mouse!

e)he’s a ****ing korean person…

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John McCain[too old for an element, they didn’t exist when he was born]- All right, let’s jump right into this one shall we? This cluster-****ed technologically backwards excuse for a village elder is running for the “lolo i can haz press nucalur bumon nao person”...err I mean president. How in the hell can we trust someone who has never played a single god damned rts with such a powerful bumon? chances are the prick might not even hit his target anyways, and he would bone us all.(also, he wants **** up the supreme court with a couple of religious nutjobs, but no one cares.)


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Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Latina-Saint Godless **** Camwhore 10 110356
Image Mannaroth Godless Recruit Troll 4 2945
Image Mr Fancy Pants Godless Cutter Emo Kid 10 203507
Image OmegaB Godless Smartbum Troll 10 69924
Image Planet**** Godless Smartbum Troll 12 118621
Image psykoman Godless **** Camwhore 17 478239
Image shadowchild Godless **** Camwhore 10 552079
Image Speed_Racer Godless Bridge Jumper Emo Kid 8 29238
Image Takashi Yuza Godless Smartbum Troll 19 940960
Image thefoamborn Godless Recruit Troll 4 1820