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Frank The Bu-

Avatar: 228121 2010-03-17 14:12:55 -0400

Level 6 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

aVENGed_dOzer Posted:


1. Post a vividly described sexual escapade ITT. No tubmailing.

2. Entries will be judged by how much they make me laugh, fap, puke or all of the above.

3. NSFW pics may be posted if you feel they help you tell the story.

4. The story can be completely fictional, as long as it’s believable (no aliens, porno scenarios etc.)

5. Be original, I WILL Google these.

6. Grammar- and spell-checkers exist for a reason.

7. Any kind of sexual act is acceptable (gay, solo, fetish etc.) as long as it doesn’t involve minors.

8. Top 3 entries will receive 15 BPs each, with the very best getting the Grand Prize: A free Orange Box CD-key via Tubmail.

9. No trolling/off-topic.

Contest ends on April 9th at rollover (Friday morning, for you yanks).

So apparently after getting high last night I seem to have bought an Orange Box even though I already own one. To best remedy this situation (no, I can’t return it) I’m going to try to get some entertainment out of it.

toxx’d. Also, how many entries per account/character?

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