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Avatar: 23167 2010-01-24 16:31:18 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 35 Emo Kid

I haven't seen a bad idea that I didn't like.

What you guys are forgetting is that actual serious roleplay on other sites involves storylines.

It’s not just people talking in character, it’s people in character playing out drama and epics with each other.

Sure, some roleplaying involves being your character in chat, that’s fine and it has its place. But nothing but that style of rp is what gets boring fast. If we’re seriously roleplaying, it would involves introductions, plot twists, like, actual redeeming entertainment value.

That’s why I thought when JB said ‘subforum’ that he meant ‘secret subforum’ that you could only get access too if you’re invited, and access can be revoked. That way the good posters/rpers can play around in it without worrying about joe troll ruining their great storyline or tear-jerking melodrama.

Forumwarz is even better suited to the epic style of rp than normal forums because everyone has devoted and dedicated alt accounts specifically for roleplaying. You can actually BE your character Malone O’Sleazy in the story rather than being EpicPwn3r829 playing his role as hardened detective Malone O’Sleazy. More immersive.

I strongly support the addition of this forum as a secret subforum. Or at least a public subforum only some can post in. That way people can read them (if they want.)

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