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Jimmy teh Re-

Avatar: 93129 Sun Jun 07 02:47:39 -0400 2009

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Re-Re

UnlimitedTyyppi Posted:

Of course what we did is allowed

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wrooppSSSIIIisisisiis121!1!Log in to see images!

@zign hurfdruf :gifft:

(It would appear that we did in fact make a mistake… however as it does say HELD BEFORE that time the trick we used was in fact legitimate as we were not holding them before that time.

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This collection was when we had 91 held but shows all 13 of a few people. Should this trick, which is detailed in our Klan Forums giving MCB access to it, be deemed not allowed, we were not told in advance and he could tell them how it works if he wants to. Otherwise you could cut down our total to 85 as 7 of us still had those additional Forums held by the end)*

*Translated from Re-re

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