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“Venereal Biohazard”

meeeeeeeeee Posted:

So, let’s say they start selling for 2m each. If Acid Flux has 125, that would be 250m, or 225m profit. If they start selling for 4m that would be 500m and 475m profit. Such insane numbers are dependant on the continuing rarity of the item though.

The more Acid Flux bought, the less rare they are. The more people think he bought, the lower the max price people will pay, because there will always be another one coming.

Of course, if Flezz meant anything to people, they’d pay less, too. But, in an economy where people will pay 4,000,000   for a Marble, because it’s funny, I fail to see how giving someone nearly any amount of Flezz is hurting anything.

Seriously. What has the piles of Flezz the top ten people on the Flezz board gotten them, other than the ability to be in the top ten and domination over the three special auctions ET put out.

Flezz needs to have value before it matters that people have gotten millions of it. There’s already a huge problem with the economy. A dozen people having the possibility (but not certainty) of big profit from market analysis and ET psychology doesn’t mean anything if what people are ‘winning’ isn’t worth anything but the ability to say you have more of it.

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