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Avatar: 135742 2011-10-31 19:55:54 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 35 Camwhore

Forumwarz' Pretend Homosexual

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hello~

Stranger: hello

Stranger: whats the worst thing about the internet?

You: Probably all the sites that insist on infecting your computer with viruses.

You: Just kind of ruins the internet that some sites can break your computer.

You: Also, there is not nearly enough underage pornography.

Stranger: no, u

You: I unfortunately am not underage.

Stranger: but u are the worst thing about the internet

You: How do you figure that?

Stranger: well theres everything else on the internet up here

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: .

Stranger: and you, down here

Stranger: case closed

You: Thank you for that graphical explanation

Stranger: that’ll be £10

You: And here is you.

You: Four lines below me

Stranger: no, for lines below you is stranger.

Stranger: four*

You: But, is a pretty cool game!

Stranger: eh no

You: You should check it out.

Stranger: eh no

You: I’m Peregrine.

Stranger: I know whats there, and it’s nothing but deceit

You: And lots of goatse!

Stranger: yeah, your gran gets about a bit.

You: He certainly is a professional.

Stranger: sometimes I regret having fathered you.

You: We even have a goatse emoticon.

Stranger: like when you breathe, thats when i regret it the most.

You: That’s pretty much all the time.

Stranger: unfortunatley

Stranger: where I’m from we have no need for goatse emoticons

Stranger: we construct coherent and serious conversation

You: 4chan is for fine upstanding member of societys.

Stranger: yes it is

Stranger: I’m not a spade though

You: You’re a diamond?

Stranger: actually its for coons, 10 year olds and peadophiles

Stranger: no, I’m a contributing member of society.

You: on Omegle.

Stranger: I dont wait for my welfar check

You: Log in to see images! your racial slurs

Stranger: yes, as it is 0025 now, work finished for me hours ago

Stranger: I have plenty =D

You: More please!

You: FWZ hates fine upstanding member of societys lol

Stranger: Coon, Wog, Spade, Nig-Nog, Rag-head, Curry Crunhcher, fine upstanding member of society, fine upstanding member of society, fine upstanding member of society, Slope, Zipperhead, Egg roll, fine upstanding member of society

Stranger: Jungle Bunny

You: lmao, you’d fit right in

Stranger: Banana Farmer

Stranger: Cotton Picker

Stranger: Slave

Stranger: slave is the best one

You: You should give FWZ another shot.

Stranger: between my graphic design job, here, my forum and Xbox live, I don’t have time for anything else

You: It only takes like 15 min a day

Stranger: If you’re a part timer.

You: And it’s free

Stranger: Forums require dedication

You: And pretty creative

Stranger: but I’m not a fan of goatse

You: You get banned for posting it

Stranger: as is good and right

You: Log in to see images!

Stranger: oh yeah, swamp rat, tunnel runner

Stranger: dot head

You: omg you really ought to join

Stranger: and terrorist.

You: If you’ve got time for this

Stranger: Oh, and the bklacks hate it the most when you call them crackers

Stranger: blacks/

You: you’ve got time forFWZ

Stranger: I’ve only got time for this cos the GF is watching TV, otherwise I’m abusing coons on COD4 and halo

You: Send me a message if you join please Log in to see images!

You: Peregrine


Stranger: maybe i shall u got xbox?

You: Sadly, no Log in to see images!

Stranger: hell

Stranger: wai not?

You: YAY!

Stranger: yay what?

You: wai not join?

Stranger: hold on i’m rolling just now then i will re-evaluate my decision

You: We’d love to have you

You: ...fine upstanding member of society

Stranger: **** you fine upstanding member of society!

You: :3

Stranger: I cant do it… I just cant

You: Why? Your male reproductive organ is too small?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Internet Delay Chat
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