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Avatar: 143382 Fri Mar 20 18:13:55 -0400 2009

[League of Internet-

Level 33 Hacker

“01001000 01000001 01011000”

I’m bored and I have BP. So I have decided to run 3+ contests at once. Last time I ran a contest I made a lot of friends.


The last thread, you all told me how cool I was, now its time you tell me how cool you are. Post here, once per character. Describe how cool you are. Who ever I think is coolest wins. This part ends next week, Monday April 6th at 4:00PM Pacific time. I will then read all the submissions and award the prize the following morning.

THE 5BP CONTEST! “Old Friends”

People seemed to liked the fact that the last thread provided many people a chance to win. I have decided that this thread should also have the same sort of Mojo! When I award the BP for the “No U” Contest, I will choose 5 random posts. If those posts are on my friends list, you recieve a BP. You don’t have to compliment me this time. But you can. If you want. I don’t mind. If the selected post is not among my friends, I’ll pick another. 5 BP gets given out no matter what. (5bp, 1 to 5 posts)

Special rules: You may only have one post for the “No U” contest, but you may post as many times as you like in this thread. How does that work? One of your posts will count towards the “No U” contest, but any other posts past that point, will count towards the “Old Friends” Contest.

THE 7BP CONTEST “Name in Lights”

I see all these signs running around. They got peoples names on them, and most importantly, they got titties in the picture. Now, yes, this does seem like I’m endorsing prostitution, and yes it does seem like I’m some kind of loser, but lets not point out obvious things, and I’ll leave the BP on the dresser on my way out.

Log in to see images! Write my name on a piece of paper (“Aristrofl” for those of you with downs).

Log in to see images! Write your name on the piece of paper.

Log in to see images! Personalize a message. (Optional, I don’t care. It’s just nicer this way.)

Log in to see images! Take your shirt off.

Log in to see images! Hold sign.

Log in to see images! Take a picture.

Log in to see images! Tubmail that image to me.

Log in to see images! Make sure the image looks sexy (YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE NUDITY, ITS JUST COOL)

Disclaimer: Please, 18 or older only.

Now this contest sound like its for girls, but guys, send them to me anyway. This is about my ego, not my peenor.

Me and a panel of my friends will choose the winner. Winner gets 7BP. Also, All of the images will go into my sig, so I’ll look like I’m popular and have friends. On internets at least.

And just to prove how cool I am, First post after my Toxx post gets a BeePee.


Aldo_Anything: got the first BP.

The winner of the “No U” contest is: Samildanach

Old friends winners:






And for the Name in lights contest: there was one entry, and it was generated by a script. My Toxx clearly states that you need to be in the picture. So no winner.

Aristrofl edited this message on 04/07/2009 1:39PM
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