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“Human Yeast Infection”

Escher Posted:

Having a couple of word_types in a submission keeps the item fresh. Having a dozen or two word_types in a submission creates problems. Since the initial impression is based on the text you typed (as opposed to the smaller example which gives the output), having a lot of word_types will make it harder for the voter to understand what the hell you’re trying to say. In addition, having a lot of your message come out random often pushes you past ‘amusingly inappropriate’ and into ‘incoherent gibberish’.

I think people should err on the side of including more word types. If an entry has no word types, it’s only funny once; if it has lots of word types, it’s potentially funny in many different ways. Tonight I did vote up an entry that had only one word type, but only because I thought it was hilarious, and I still feel kinda guilty about it.

Sometimes I’m tempted to take someone’s entry and re-submit it with the words replaced by word types…but that would probably be wrong. Log in to see images! Still, I feel bad because some of these entries would be awesome if they just had more word types…

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