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Jalapeno Boo-

Avatar: 44 2012-11-06 12:31:55 -0500

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 44 Emo Kid

I had the first bum avatar.

So far these are looking great!

Although I have to admit, text-wise, a couple of them are a little verbose. I know that’s rich coming from me, but remember, brevity is the soul of wit or some****.

There’s a couple of slogans/phrases I’d like to see worked into ads somehow, so consider these gimmes:

– A role-playing game so epic, you’ll never again leave your mom’s basement. | Seriously. | Not even to take a dump.

– It’s the only game sexier than 2 Girls 1 Cup! | Oh, who are we kidding? | Nothing’s sexier than that. | (Yes, this is false advertising.)

– Play it for free! | What have you got to lose?! | (Note: A large percentage of Forumwarz players have lost their dignity. Play at your own risk.)

– [Use some of the rotating quotations about us on our homepage!]

– It’s the internet. In game form. | You like the internet, don’t you? | [etc]

– [picture of a male reproductive organ] “Holy ****, Forumwarz is more fun than when I get put into a woman's genitals!”

– [for Encyclopedia Dramatica only:] “Forumwarz is a lulztastic RPG that mocks the internet in all its very special glory.” – Encylopedia Dramatica | (Note: That was our old article, not the one we have now.) | (Do NOT click on the Forumwarz ED entry.) | (Actually, forget you ever saw this ad. Just play the damn game.) | (DO IT, fabulous person!)

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