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Avatar: 79911 Sat Nov 15 22:45:44 -0500 2008

Level 25 Emo Kid

Posting from inside JB's bumhole

I’m sad to admit, that when I first joined, I was going though a “meme phase” and was obsessed with Longcat, but that name was already taken so I picked “shrtcat” (The nocaps was on purpose btw).

But now I realise how stupid and gay it is(All memes are stupid come to think of it). So I want one of you to think of a new name for me.

These are r00lz, follow them you must.

Log in to see images! This is srs, no trolling.

Log in to see images! Nothing like “Stupid fabulous person” or “****ty poster”, this will be considered as trolling.

Log in to see images! Be creative and/or funny.

Log in to see images! One entry per person, so make it count, any other additional entries won’t be considered. If they’re extremely funny, I reserve the right to let someone else steal the credit for it.

Log in to see images!

Log in to see images! I see a winrar, not immediately. So in other words, it could last only 4 days (minimum) if I see a good name right away, or it could take more than a week, if you guys suck.

Log in to see images! Also, coming back to the above r00l, I won’t pick a winrar until I receive at least 10 entries.


Edit: If you show great zeal bumping this thread, I might consider giving you a BP/winrarship. But this totally is at my own discretion.

shrtcat edited this message on 12/13/2008 2:23PM
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