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Avatar: 79911 Sat Nov 15 22:45:44 -0500 2008

Level 25 Emo Kid

Posting from inside JB's bumhole

1338h4x Posted:

Oh man, I was going to suggest something like Mirror Mirror. In keeping with the tarot-esque naming of other cards, call it just The Mirror. And it should be equipped in place of a shield so you can’t have both, and shouldn’t negate the attack on you. So with the two cards you decide whether you want you and your attacker to suffer equally or whether you want to nullify the attack.


The Hurricane – Destroys X (10?) random scoops from random players, possibly including you.

Likelihood is distributed by looking at scoops individually, as opposed to rolling a die for which player to hit and then which scoop to hit or anything like that. In other words if you’ve got three players and deciding what the first scoop to take is, and player 1 has 3 antifreeze, 2 lemon, and 4 vanilla, player 2 has 6 chocolate, and player 3 has 1 pistachio, player 1 would have a 3/16 chance of his antifreeze getting hit, 1/8 chance of losing a lemon, 1/4 chance of vanilla being taken, p2 has a 3/8 chance of losing one of his chocolate scoops, etc. Then select the next scoop to smash likewise.


The Magnet – Steals X (3?) random scoops from random players.

Same idea as above and if the die picks one of your scoops, it’s effectively unchanged. So you might actually just gain 2, 1, or 0 scoops depending on luck and how many scoops you already have.

I really like that hurricane idea. and the magnet could be increased to 5 maybe?

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