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Flezz Writing a Formula

I am trying to write a formula for another crappy game besides this one. So far, I think I have the correct formulas for most of it. The item I am trying to come up with a formula for, I will call “Oddball”. I am trying to write a formula that will simplify how much the item would cost at level 25.

First: a key.

x = initial cost.

L = lv2 cost.

u = upgrade level

n{u} = level key {level}

C{u} = upgrade cost {level}

I’ll provide the formulas that worked for oddball, I believe the 2nd and 3rd formulas are correct. But the first one is the one that may be wrong, since I only had oddball’s costs to work with. That may be where the problems came from, either way take a look.

L Formula: x + .6k = L

n Formula: (u-2)(1/2L) = n{u}

C{u}Formula: L + n{u} = C{u}

Oddball example level 16:

L = 50 + .6(50) = 50 + 30 = 80

n{16} = (16-2)(1/2[80]) = (14)(40) = 560

C{16} = 80 + 560 = 640

The cost of the “Oddball” if 50,000 to buy

Then it will cost 80,000 for the first upgrade.

Every other upgrade after that increases by 40,000.

So the basic math is: 50000+80000+120000+160000+200000+240000+280000+320000+360000+400000+440000+480000+520000+560000+600000+640000+680000+720000+760000+800000+840000+880000+920000+960000+1000000.

Total cost of weapon at level 25 = 13,010,000

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Anonymous Posted:

The item I am trying to come up with a formula I am going to call the item I am working on the formula for “Oddball”.

don’t know what the **** you’re talking about, but this sentence should be taken outside and shot


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