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Music so i'm watching this glee project thing

so how ‘bout that autotune Log in to see images!

ahahaha the autotune usage in this is so bad

“i just felt like you weren’t really trying” Log in to see images!

Raffle Ticket Posted:

i can’t tell what gender alex is, is that a bad thing

seriously what

i thought matheus was good Log in to see images!

heck YES whitney houston Log in to see images!

alex’s voice straining a bit there

UP NEXT why are there so many ads Log in to see images!

booty shakin’ Log in to see images!

mckynleigh sings quite nice

not keen on this music though Log in to see images!

and is it me or is she slipping between accents

judges have weird ****in concepts of what a “huge” meltdown is

oh dear dear dear this isn’t good

what’s the full monty doing on my glee project Log in to see images!

really like this whitney houston cover

stay in time alex stay in time

Log in to see images!

matheus is def going out

they really try to make putting a list on a wall seem dramatic

hmm yes mckynleigh’s getting better, let’s send her home Log in to see images!

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