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Civil Discussion
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Video Games imma play Bioshock

4 turrets and a camera im the greatest ****ing hacker alive

2 cameras Log in to see images!

jesus loves me this i know, for the bible tells me so


what kind of cameras have you seen atlas

took a spider splicer photo, only got a B Log in to see images!

picked up security bullseye

bought a ****load of film

ima photographer lmao

more spider splicer photos, they creep me out Log in to see images!

at least i get free medkits when i kill them now

killing people for smugglings going a bit far imo

thank god last photo


little sister again

oh god i can hear one of them humming

make it stop Log in to see images!

die die die die die

get away from that health station you sneaky **** Log in to see images!

show us them snappies Log in to see images!

lost all my weapons, wrench only for now

just got misty in here

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