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Fix It So... Yakuza 3


Avatar: 222202 2010-01-20 18:57:34 -0500


Level 38 Hacker

“Uber Macro”

Mother****ing SEGA USA has decided that, for the English localization of Yakuza 3, they’re going to cut content from the Japanese release. This content includes:


– The Hostess Club minigame (was in English release of Yakuza 2)

– Answer x Answer (a Japanese history trivia game)


– Mahjong minigame (was in English release of Yakuza 2)

– Shogi minigame

– Love in Heart Mbumage Parlour

I, for one, have loved the previous Yakuza games because it is based in Japanese society and does offer Japanese culture and cultural references that I can’t get without a few spare weeks and a plane ticket. SEGAs choice to remove this content from the game and still expect to charge full retail price (US$60) is utterly unnacceptable. <— Youtube video outlining the changes, and details on how to contact SEGA USA to show them your displeasure. <— SEGA USA blogpost outlining the cuts, with a hell of a lot of angry fan comments saying they won’t buy the game now. <— SEGA USAs Yakuza forum, with much rage.

Rad-X edited this message on 02/24/2010 5:44PM
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