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Avatar: 108647 Mon Jan 19 17:41:07 -0500 2009

[Rowdyruff Boys]

Level 64 Troll

“Flame Retarded”

I’ve been trying to look for a way to play Domination (and by play, I mean actually get medals), but also finish up Episode 3, and maybe get some job points along the way (I’m about 700 away from the last peen >.< )

So what I’ve been doing is taking three jobs, lowest level forums with 5 points, and then pwning one of the storyline forum. With careful timing and strategy, I can get at least 11 lemon scoops, 8 vanilla, as well as the pistachio scoops. I thought this information might be helpful to players who haven’t started ep3 for fear of losing out on scoops, or anyone in the middle of ep3 and just grinding on other forums.

General adivce:
  1. Choose which forums you are going to pwn before you start. This is especially important for Permanoobs whose limited attacks can prove fatal in forums which are immune to Incompetence. With the advent of sensitivities and special attacks from forums, it’s important to know what forums you can pwn easily, and which ones will just kick your bum. I would advise choosing forums that do not have Packet Loss, Lag Spike, Line Noise, or mod, unless you can 1 or 2 hit them, and are sensitive to at least one kind of attack that you own. I always have open when pwning. It should also be noted that sub-forums can have different abilities and sensitivities than the actual forum as well. Make sure to check that as well.

  2. Oraganize your toolbar beforehand. This might seem like a promotion for Forumwarz Orange™, but it’s actually very important. First of all, if you’ve just re-speced or received a new ability, it is important that your toolbar only has your most needed abilities/items. As I said earlier, pwning forums requires a lot more skill than it used to, so you should make sure you have the right kind of attacks ready. Even on community forums, knowing their sensitivities beforehand can be crucial. Again, make sure to utilize .

  3. Check that you have the right consumables, and enough of them. If an official forum has any of the lag abilities (pl, ln, ls), make sure you have plenty of tunnel scripts; not only do you need them, but they’re a great way to keep power spikes from destroying expensive ego/mana items. I’d suggest about 300 or so, seeing as they’re pretty damn cheap. Also, double check your equips, too. Make sure the right ones are on and that none of them are broken.

  4. Watch your ego. While you might not get seriously injured in a level 35 forum, a level 50 forum actually necessitates the use of ego-boosting items. If you’re bad at multi-tasking, just equip the Fairy in a Bottle special item, as a reminder for when you need to start popping those pills.

  5. FBO and XSS codes waste time. Unless you’re not too concerned about getting vanilla scoops or maximum lemon scoops, don’t bother with the FBO and XSS codes. Since episode 3 came out, more people have actually been playing, so dominating four forums at once is all about the speed.

Now, another obstacle you will find while playing official forums are that some of them can destory your streak, and/or prevent you from getting vanilla scoops. Here are the aformentioned forums you should avoid or otherwise be prepared for (NOTE: I will put spoiler tags on the storyline, but that’s it.):

  • The Great Beyond BBS You can pwn this forum after receiving a mission from Nordstrom’s dad, but it is unpwnable within the storyline, because it is too strong, plus RWOX CVDK OAAX/Nordstrom’s dad dies. If you do manage to pwn this forum, an Emo Kid may be capable of this, you will not get any vanilla scoops, as the link is erased from your bookmarks immediately after you leave it.

  • SteamBoards After you’ve failed in the previous forum, a clbum-based NPC gives you a mission to pwn this forum. This forum you should have no problem with, even when you have to face Snorri, a gollum version of Dr. O, in a boss thread, because he’s hella easy to beat. Unfortunately, this link also disappears from your bookmarks after pwning it, so no vanilla scoops.

  • -=FLAMING BLACK OPS HQ=- This forum is availible after pwning Lamebait, and obviously where you face off against Nordstrom for the final battle. I just pwned this forum withzrelative ease, even at the boss thread. But it is not considered “pwned,” and will reset your streak, as well as prevent you from getting vanilla scoops (another one where the link is removed). This is not necessarily a bug, as one is to bumume the FBO has survived your attack, seeing as they will Tubmail you a new ability, DDoS.

I haven’t actually beaten ep 3 yet, so I have yet to see what happens after I try to beat Sentrillion Clbumified Codebase (BETA). If anybody has any tips or useful information to add, I’d be happy to add on.
Shishu edited this message on 02/19/2010 2:27PM

Fang Yuan

Avatar: Code (Green)

[Island of Avalon]

Level 64 Hacker

“Phreak of Nature”

male reproductive organS IN MY bum male reproductive organS IN MY bum OH LAWD male reproductive organS IN MY bum

Fang Yuan was banned for this post by Aldo_Anything

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