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Web Games The 9 alignment peens [Spoilers 'n ****]


Avatar: 143897 Tue Mar 03 14:45:58 -0500 2009

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

So, which alignment peens did ya’all end with? For my main character (this one) I got chaotic evil, my alt got lawful evil. Log in to see images!

Does your aligment stats effect which 3 attacks you get to use at Shallow at the end? Since both my characters were evil both of them got the same 3 attacks to choose from, but I’m suspecting characters with neutral and good aligments get different attacks to choose from. Both the attacks I choose pretty much ended in tragedy.

Bashing keyboard with helmet caused the entire internet to shut down momentarly, resulting in gigantic money loss for corporations, deaths at hospitals, and like 36% of the world’s knowledge and art being lost.

DDoS attackruined Sentrillion, and your character lost all the flezz it had and what it got from Germonio when it invested in Sentrillion stocks expecting Shallow to revive the company. Falling into depression your character goes insane and suicidal and is sent to a mental hospital, just like The Lonely Gunman.


Avatar: 93840 2010-02-07 01:11:33 -0500

[Island of Avalon]

Level 69 Camwhore

“Venereal Biohazard”

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