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FAQ A trolley full of trolls


Avatar: Ron Paul


Level 8 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

Trolls -> Trolleys

Emos -> Tear gas grenades

CamWhores -> WebCams

lulz or not?

bai reading thys thou except 2 suck mai male reproductive organz0r


Avatar: Escher's Avatar


Level 10 Camwhore

really huge titty ****

i don get it Log in to see images!

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here 2 maek u happy, an 2 be maed happy by u! Log in to see images!
xoxoxLog in to see images!


Avatar: Halloween Pumpkin

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Escher Posted:

i don get it Log in to see images!

You’re just supposed to get undressed, collective nouns aren’t anything you should worry about.

Ban Velveteen Log in to see images!

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