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Religion OWNED!


Avatar: Goiter

Level 7 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

I have composed a list of known AIDS-carrying sex-addicts (AKA fabulous personS).

Here’s the list:

lil_vamp_sakura_uchiha: the BIGGEST (literally, the fat cow) dyke you will EVER meet. EVER. She’s known to carry a dildo covered in fecal matter, AIDS, and crabs. Also known to sing ****ty Wapanese and talk to her multiple personalities.

Demon_Badbum_Sasori*: he tries to flirt with EVERYONE he meets. EVERYONE. At the time of this writing he has spread the killing, NON-CURABLE AIDS VIRUS to 1,000,000 people. The numbers continue to grow.

Eiri_Yuki: someone who’s actually proud about being a fabulous person. He’s known to have large sexual orgies with people on this site by giving them date enjoy drugs. I do not know much about this person, but I will learn as much as I can to help the wonderful people on this site.

Hinoki_Sai: **** you, I’m a dragon!


Karusa_Lord_of_bumbumins*: A big fatty fat fat fabulous person. He even admits this [ LINK ]. You can tell by his screen name that he is the LEADER of the AIDS-spreading tyrants. All caution must be used when talking to this person.

rose_the_silver_shadow: not only is he a flaming fabulous person, but is also a special bumtaker to Karusa. Therefore, he has AIDS, cancer, hate, a ripped bumhole, and cancer. He also has AIDS.

Shuichi_Shindou: oh god, you do NOT want to be near him. Not only is he gay, but he’s ugly, too. And cries and cuts himself when he listens to My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte because they’re tlly Xxhardc0rexX

Jasmin94: a huge dyke that is unable to admit that everyone hates her. Not only is she an AIDS-carrier, but is also a junglebunny, porchmonkey, and a fine upstanding member of society. Calls for immediate lynching. BRING YOUR WHITE HOODS!

Kazuki_Fuuchouin: the leader of all dykes. At first she attempts to come off as kind so that she may get into your panties and dig you out, making your inner walls bleed, but when that attempt doesn’t work, she results to name-calling, hateful, racist slurs, and raping with strap-ons. She needs to be stopped at ALL costs! Plz send plague.

Less serious fabulous persons include Tear_Stains, Chaos_Knight, and BITE___ME______****. These people have all asked me to cyber when I tried to teach them the love of God. I will update this as soon as I find more fabulous persons because I want this site to be a good, safe, God-loving place! Please look out for your children because fabulous persons have been known to result to ****ing innocent children. These include Galemir, priests, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and your mother. Watch out for these people!

Please, I hope that you can tell me more so that I may add them to the list!

*: Do not let their apparent apathetic demeanor fool you. These people are savage monsters that want to kill and enjoy you and your family because they’re necrophiles like that.

God bless,


KellySunshine edited this message on 03/25/2008 12:55AM

I have balls of steel.

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