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Drugs lol

01:34 —- ghax is back

01:34 [ghax] bump

01:35 [TheMatty] ghax

01:35 [TheMatty] ghax

01:35 [ghax] sup TheMatty?

01:35 [TheMatty] hi

01:35 [TheMatty] you crazy illegal multi

01:35 [ghax] lol

01:36 [TheMatty] if I ever get banned

01:36 [TheMatty] I want to make Jalapeno mad

01:36 [TheMatty] and have him email me a very long and personal message

01:36 [TheMatty] about how mad he is at me

01:36 [Warforcer] “him”? o.O

01:36 [TheMatty] yes

01:36 [TheMatty] HIM

01:37 [ghax] go to incit and use illegal alts to vote for yourself

01:37 [ghax] with submissions that are legit

01:37 [TheMatty] lol

01:37 [ghax] but trolly

01:37 [ghax] get over 2209 of these wins

01:37 [TheMatty] did jalapeno give you a long and personal message?

01:37 [TheMatty] lol

01:37 [ghax] no

01:37 [TheMatty] well, ****

01:37 [TheMatty] I gotta do something worse than that

01:38 [ghax] protivate is jb’s baby

01:38 [ghax] strike him where it hurts

01:38 [ghax] alternatively, use multis to remove EVERYTHING in buildr

01:38 [ghax] but don’t upvote ANYTHING

01:38 [ghax] so there’s no evidence

01:39 [TheMatty] or I could order pizzas for jalapeno or go over to jalapeno’s house and offer gay sex and then say I don’t want a commitment

01:39 [TheMatty] lol

01:39 [ghax] that too

10/31/2009 9:45PM     | #

**** matty and ghax.

10/31/2009 10:07PM     | #

Anonymous Posted:

**** matty and ghax.

sup mattyLog in to see images!

10/31/2009 10:08PM     | #

Why you post this on anonymous?

10/31/2009 10:21PM     | #

rawr :3

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10/31/2009 10:55PM     | #
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