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Web Games question about deliveries


Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 40 Hacker

“Uber Macro”

Do deliveries keep coming after Act 2 has been defeated? I just beat Act 2 yesterday and didn’t get a delivery today. I also un-cheated my game yesterday and think that it might be the cause due to the change in cred being responsible for part of the delivery formula; can anyone confirm/deny this?


Avatar: 104315 Sat Apr 11 13:02:16 -0400 2009

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 36 Troll

i finally grew a male reproductive organ

When you uncheat, you lose all pending deliveries. You will start to receive them again after you pwn a forum as a non-cheater. I don’t think it has anything to do with cred.


Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 40 Hacker

“Uber Macro” states that the change in cred during the previous day factors into it. Thanks for the info, though; I was worried I’d lost that as a source of income. Log in to see images!

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