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Gay bumigned movies... how to make them easier?


Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

I have to watch Rachel Getting Married, Doubt, and Milk. None of these are in my area of interest, and I need to know how to keep at least a modigreat times of attention. Ideas?


Avatar: 16117 Sun Feb 22 17:55:30 -0500 2009

[Fetal Alcohol Pupp-

Level 69 Emo Kid

“The Infinite Sadness”

Is this for a clbum? Sounds like it, so…

1. Get extra sleep.

2. Take copious notes on why the movies suck. Be sure to throw in lots of fancy film terminology like mise en scène and cinéma vérité to impress your professor.

3. Write down changes you would have made to the film. (Note: If you are Michael Bay, just write “KA-BOOM!” )

4. Look up fun trivia facts on IMDB and Wikipedia and shout them out loud during important parts of the film for everyone to enjoy.

5. Bring large amounts of noisy snacks. Dig in when things get quiet.

6. Make fun of the movie.

7. Build two robot companions to help you make fun of the movie.

8. Actually watch the movies. You might actually like them more than you think.

I had quite a few films I thought I wouldn’t be interested in for a film clbum I took in college, and I actually liked more of them than I thought I would. Luckily, I had a professor who was very good about letting us get our opinions in, so if we didn’t like something, we could at least tell him so. If you have a douchebag who thinks his word is final, I’m very sorry. Wear Twilight shirts and talk about how Robert Pattinson should be used to digitally replace Jimmy Stewart in all his films for the rest of the semester to keep him off-balance.


Avatar: 115546 2015-08-12 18:58:09 -0400

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 69 Hacker

DIRTY ****ING fine upstanding member of society woman's genitals

To help with doubt, just get this in your head before you watch it, should make things a little more humorous.

Skyman747 edited this message on 07/26/2009 10:58PM


Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

Schnauzer and Skyman: Thank you! A little bit of beforehand knowledge, and the knowledge of parodies makes this much easier!

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