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Writing I guess even trolls get the blues


Avatar: Sneakers

Level 17 Emo Kid

God won't kill me, he likes to see me suffer.

1point618 Posted:

Sigh. So, normally I’m a troll. I mean, it’s not what I asked to be, it’s what I was born as. I secretly feel bad about it a lot. I’ve even cut myself over it from time to time, just to try to feel the pain I inflict on others. Well, today my girlfriend left me. It was out one year anniversary. I’ve been crying all day, and just wanted to see how you guys deal with it, and maybe say sorry. I know how you all feel now, really know it. I wrote a poem about her leaving me, but I’m not sure if I should post it here. It’s my first poem. If anyone asks me to post it though, I will. Also, if anyone can help me deal with this overwhelming, terrible pain, please do tell me how I can possibly cope.

and again, sorry for being a troll…

god ur mom sounds lik a ****!

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