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Web Games 25 BP Contest to Join a Fun and Free Game!


Avatar: 135311 2013-05-25 22:38:06 -0400


Level 69 Hacker

Years later, I'm still botting

Kooler221 Posted:

Samildanach Posted:

Under the same name?

goldensevenfold Posted:

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I added him but it’s still pending.


Avatar: 143751 Tue May 19 21:18:21 -0400 2009

Level 34 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

Goldenfold added on BvS.

Also still looking for rivals on AnimeVersus, as Lamhfada…


Avatar: Emo Girl


Level 42 Emo Kid


Added Goldenfold


Avatar: Abstract Blue Circle

Level 21 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

Well today was the last day of the contest. This turned out to be quite successful and while we didn’t hit the final goal, we hit every other one. As I mentioned before, I have to finally end this contest because I’m going on a trip for the next month, but I fully intend to start up a second contest with even more prizes once I get back. Those of you who enjoyed the game enough to continue playing will all be automatic entries at that time.

Special thanks, of course, goes out to Arcanine for taking more than a few of the contestants into The Island and helping them learn the ropes. I’ve throw a little “thank you” your way for that.

I’d also like to thank all of you for taking the time to enjoy this game instead of just going “OMGFREEBPKTHXBYE”. Okay, well a couple of people did, but the rest of you were awesome and actually took an interest in the game.

See you all again when I start Round 2.


Avatar: 123635 Fri Feb 06 20:39:37 -0500 2009

[Communitalist Comr-

Level 54 Hacker

“Logic Bomber”

Ahh, I was wondering why I had gotten that. Thanks. Log in to see images!

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