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Fun If someone in your forum really did kill themself, what next?


Avatar: 135742 2011-10-31 19:55:54 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 35 Camwhore

Forumwarz' Pretend Homosexual

I know that trolls here pretty frequently say ‘op should kill himself imo’ or similar statements, but what if they actually did? If you were horrible to someone and it later got revealed on the forum that they had gotten fed up with their life and ended it, would you feel guilty for attacking them, frustrated that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to resolve it, or would you just shrug it off and say “OK GOOD WHO’S NEXT?” I’m just curious because I would feel genuinely bad about it and wonder if FWZ is the same.

The Unknown -

Avatar: 95506 Tue Dec 09 09:40:49 -0500 2008

[Gimmick Alts and R-
ole-Players Local -
Union 352

Level 2 Re-Re


I would feel accomplished and like my opinion mattered to that person.


Avatar: 34340 2009-09-30 16:41:31 -0400


Level 63 Troll

Fran's Beautiful Lover XOXOXOXOXO

It would be depressing, but obviously the person was already to the point where some random person on the internet telling him/her to kill themselves would be taken seriously, so I wouldn’t feel all that bad. I’m not the type to say those things, though, so nothing I have to worry about. Log in to see images!


Avatar: 32289 2010-01-24 16:35:06 -0500

[Team Shortbus]

Level 26 Permanoob


They failed to consider that ‘I am not easily offended’ is a requirement for joining. In all honesty, if being mocked on a silly game like this is enough to send someone off the deep end, they were likely pretty unhinged to start with.

Mind you, I would probably shed some tears if anybody I actually liked/cared about enough on here were to kick the bucket. But hell, I’m a sensitive one Log in to see images!


Avatar: 23493 2011-10-31 20:46:14 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 60 Emo Kid

The Delightfully Chaotic

I would Log in to see images!


Avatar: 72902 2010-02-03 18:45:17 -0500

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 51 Troll


Killing yourself is one of two things: a desperate bid for attention or a sign that you have problems that need working through with someone else irl. The internet is just about the worst place you can come if you’re really having suicidal thoughts. Although I wouldn’t exactly be happy about it, I certainly wouldn’t be sympathetic.


Avatar: Middle Finger Keyboard

Level 44 Troll

“Banned Camper”

If someone killed themselves over something I said online, then that person was not long for this world anyway. No skills to cope with life? Either get help or get out. I can only hope that they didnt breed first to keep Darwin happy.


Avatar: 23167 2010-01-24 16:31:18 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 35 Emo Kid

I haven't seen a bad idea that I didn't like.

It’s very doubtful that anything I personally said would cause someone to kill themselves.

However, I personally hold the viewpoint that if you’re pathetic enough to kill yourself, you’re too pathetic for me to have an opinion about, and I would ignore them and move on.

Typically I’m the one who helps people out of suicide.


Avatar: 143340 Fri Mar 27 18:24:34 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Would I get a peen?

PS: Also, I wouldn’t give a ****.

____ edited this message on 04/09/2009 5:53PM

Jim McPerson

Avatar: Mother and Children

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

I debate suicide with myself on daily basis and have been doing it for years, decades even, long before Internet. If I kill myself eventually it will be because of many factors combined, not because someone makes me BAWWWWWWWWWWW here.

If someone likeable here offed him/her self, I’d be depressed, but I can’t do much about anything really. After all, we will all die eventually.


Avatar: 74903 2011-07-31 00:19:12 -0400

[Forumwarz Speakeasy]

Level 69 Hacker

“Trojan Horse Magnum”

I’d be somewhat freaking out.

Imagine that the person killed himself with your message on the screen…


Avatar: 113654 2010-01-13 11:46:06 -0500

[BBQF0 Judgement an-
d Rules Committee

Level 29 Hacker

Government stooge

Anybody killing themselves because someone on the Internet told them to deserves a fate worse than death. It sounds lame, but life is a gift. And while I believe that there are situations where offing yourself is preferable to not offing yourself, chances are that you’re not in one of them.


Avatar: 24791 2010-03-21 18:12:06 -0400

[Team Shortbus]

Level 44 Troll

chica bonita

I would be like damn that’s p sad but they must have had problems that went way beyond a forum if they were that unstable to off themselves.

Then I would forget about it and move on with my life, while occasionally looking back and thinking about that guy/girl that offed himself/herself on a forum.

edited to include wimminz

elenaratelimit edited this message on 04/09/2009 6:52PM


Avatar: 58104 2015-06-13 23:16:37 -0400

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 48 Camwhore

Celerysteve is better than me in everyway imaginable

The Unknown Comic Posted:

I would feel accomplished and like my opinion mattered to that person.

Sergeant Cid

Avatar: 167814 2011-07-31 00:46:27 -0400

[The Airship]

Level 35 Re-Re

Scientifically Proven Terrible fabulous person..... Evidence shows mbumive build up of semen deposit in bum.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy for those that commit suicide. We are bombarded daily with so many options for getting help in dealing with such problems (often free), that I can’t believe anyone doesn’t know that there are people to turn to.

Therefore, they’re making a choice to end their lives. And I believe strongly in personal freedoms.

If someone wants help, it should be available to them regardless of personal situation or economic status.

If not, see you on the other side. If you’re a friend, I’ll miss having you around, and I hope you sought help if you wanted it. If you’re an anonymous stranger, then I hope you find what you’re looking for.

It’s been known to happen…

Log in to see images!


Avatar: 101005 2010-01-24 16:17:40 -0500

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 35 Permanoob

Well, spf357 really rocks.

that’s why i rarely tell people to go killthemselves. I just do it when i’m p sure they wont do it for something i tell them on the internet.


Avatar: 60995 Fri Apr 03 12:59:05 -0400 2009

[Shii is gay]

Level 35 Troll

also wow i have no male reproductive organ

Does this qualify as manslaughter?

The Jagged R-
ock Fondler

Avatar: 97179 Mon Mar 23 17:25:01 -0400 2009

[bumhurt Virgins]

Level 28 Permanoob

“Brain Dead”

meh… would anyone really give a ****? I don’t think so. Unless you know the person IRL and they are not a mbumive douche,does it matter.


Avatar: 135742 2011-10-31 19:55:54 -0400

[love is a dog from-

Level 35 Camwhore

Forumwarz' Pretend Homosexual

The Jagged Rock Fondler Posted:

meh… would anyone really give a ****? I don’t think so. Unless you know the person IRL and they are not a mbumive douche,does it matter.

So you think that even though the person is really, actually dead, it doesn’t even matter?

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