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Video Games - the Liberating


Avatar: 32555 2014-07-18 11:39:53 -0400


Level 69 Troll

male reproductive organMEISTER

Shaq probably has forgotten he ever created this game. Shaq-Fu has to be the worst fighting game
 in the history of fighting games. In 1994, America could buy it. America thought it was alright
 and America could tolerate it. Well, America, tolerate it no more! It is time for us to make up
 for the mistakes of the past. It is time for us to fight back against the mindless merchandising.

So how do we do this?'s mission is to LIBERATE all the copies of Shaq-Fu from existence by buying them from
anyone who owns the game, including local console retailers, Ebay merchants, normal 
citizens, and the like. Here are reasons why this is important:

Reasons for LIBERATING:

   1. You prevent other generations from feeling the corruption of this game and its evil.
   2. You clear up the enormous copies of Shaq-Fu lying on the shelves in used console 
      game stores. By doing so, you remove it from public display so that people will not be reminded 
      of the game's existence.
   3. Purchasing many copies of the game shifts the demand schedule, consequently raising the price.
      Even though it costs you more money, it reduces the incentive for a non-liberator to buy the game; 
      a worthwhile sacrifice.
   4. By getting it from another person, you remove the burden and embarrbumment they feel. 

The reasons go on and on. Shaq-Fu must be eliminated for everyone to feel at peace. This website 
discusses the methods of how to obtain copies and how to dispose and/or make use of the copies 
obtained. It also serves as the front line for the Shaq-Fu Liberation Front. Here, you will be 
able to obtain current numbers of Shaq-Fu copies liberated, as well as membership for the 
Shaq-Fu Liberation Front. With your help, we may be able to obtain a Shaq-Fu-free world for 
our childen to grow up in. Join today and help our cause! 


Avatar: 60693 Tue Oct 28 11:07:23 -0400 2008


Level 35 Camwhore

“Legs Wide Open”

I remember one of my friends had a copy. I wonder if he still has it stored somewhere…

Also: How will they manage to track down and destroy all the ROMs of the game that litter the internet?

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