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Interface Clbum Idea: Hacker


Avatar: Blood Cells

[Fruit ****ers]

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”

Now now now, it wouldn’t be as broken as it sounds. I think this could actually be pretty funny.

Clbum Name: Hacker

Secondary Stat: Skillz

Basic Idea: Hackers specialize in abilities which inflict “hacks” on threads and boards. Hacks act like status effects, temporarily messing with the board’s ability to fight back in some way. Types of hacks would include…

Spambot: Works like Poison. Enemy board takes a small amount of damage every time they attack you (due to a spam post).

Lag: Works like Slow. Enemy board randomly misses turns due to lag.

Crash: Works like Sleep. Board won’t attack again until you use an attack or ability (basically, anything not an item)

Keylogger: Works like Regen. You gain back a little ego each turn. (This would probably be the Hacker’s only healing ability.)

And many more. Note that the hacker’s abilities would be based around inflicting these hacks, not dealing damage directly (‘cept for maybe one or two abilities, like “Brag” or “Take Credit”.) The Hacker deals damage by having a very high, natural Offense stat.

Equipment: Cooling Fans (expensive, increase Skillz reserve) and T-Shirts (Increase stats…this could be something else)


Strengths: With very high offense and crippling hacks, the hacker can decimate a board in mere moments.

Weaknesses: With very low defense and ego, they can be decimated just as easily if caught off-guard. Also, hacks are expensive (in terms of Skillz) and reset when the thread dies, so you can’t just pile on all your hacks for every thread. You’ll have to change it up by situation. Also, their equipment is expensive.


Avatar: Corset 1

Level 4 Camwhore

“Like a Virgin”

It sounds good, but also a bit of a far cry from the way the other clbumes work Log in to see images!

Buster Hymen

Avatar: Buster Hymen's Avatar

[Challengers of the ****ing Impossible]

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

Yeah I think the whole idea of a hacker clbum that knows what it’s doing completely misses the spirit of the other clbumes, which are generally a bunch of morons hammering the internet with nonsense.

It’s like all your friends got together and picked their favorite kind of kitten and you picked “OPTIMUS PRIME STOMP STOMP STOMP.”

Evil Trout

Avatar: 35 2013-08-13 11:47:18 -0400

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 21 Hacker

I have ample evidence that ET is a weedy little twerp.

You guys should totally finish Episode 1.


Avatar: Toilet 2


Level 15 Troll

“Inflammatory Agent ”

Evil Trout Posted:

You guys should totally finish Episode 1.


If you complete ep 1, you… erm… How shall I say it? Get some information on the additions of ep 2.

Buster Hymen

Avatar: Buster Hymen's Avatar

[Challengers of the ****ing Impossible]

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”


workin on it Log in to see images!


Avatar: Teen Girl

Level 10 Camwhore

“Leave it to Cleavage”

Man, that marshmallow factory mission was really hard, but after seeing that I can’t wait for ep2


Avatar: Toilet 2


Level 15 Troll

“Inflammatory Agent ”

Yeah. Not to mention the camwhore base. 50 damage each attack they did. 20 +100 ego smileprins used. *sigh*

The Gas

Avatar: harblgar


Level 8 Troll

“Jerk Chicken”

Perhaps if the pwnage doesn’t in fact come from the character’s hacking talent, but rather from his penchant for believably overstating it. In keeping with that, the clbum name should be 1337 H4×0R – a real, truly dangerous hacker would never describe himself as such.

The Gas edited this message on 03/08/2008 8:24AM
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