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Avatar: Rastanarcharismarx's Avatar

[Vacation Hideaway]

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

The Bush shoe thrower, Mundtadhar al-Zaidi.

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click here to view the footage in case you haven’t seen it yet

Succeed in what Mundtadhar al-Zaidi failed at on this site

There is also a facebook fan page full of links dedicated to this epic event.

And there is an online petition to free the heroic shoe thrower.

I’ve got no idea what kind of journalist this Al-Zaidi guy is, but what he did was so full of epic lol that it definitely qualifies as the perfect meme for [/bush]!

I guess it also wouldn’t hurt to post all past George W. Bush memes of during his 8 years of US presidency.


Avatar: 22863 2010-11-15 01:15:51 -0500


Level 35 Emo Kid

A neverhasbeen

LOL too funny.

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